ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala - TACOM Life Cycle Management Command Sgt. Maj. Clinton Hall made his first visit to Anniston Army Depot April 5 and 6.

Hall, who assumed his role at TACOM LCMC on Jan. 25, has spent most of his 27 years in the military with operational units, most recently in Korea.

"This is my first time dealing with a predominantly civilian organization," Hall said. "I can honestly say it has been a positive experience. It is evident the workforce takes a great deal of pride in what it does."

Though this was his first depot visit, he was familiar with some of the weapons and vehicles overhauled on the installation.

During a tour of duty in Vicenza, Italy, early in his career, he was assigned as a cannon crewman for a M109 Paladin and he has carried small arms rebuilt by the depot.

During his visit, Hall toured the combat vehicle disassembly/assembly building, the Powertrain Flexible Maintenance Facility, the small arms shop, the turbine engine facility, the battle-damaged Stryker repair facility and the Career Academy.

Hall was impressed with the process flow he saw in the depot's shops as well as the quality systems in place for each piece of equipment.

"Before I came here, I could tell you Anniston built M1 tanks. Now, I can tell you they do more than that - they build them better than new," said Hall.

Within the next three months, Hall plans to visit each of the other depots within the TACOM LCMC to better understand the systems and processes in place at each location. He hopes to use this knowledge as he serves as an advocate for TACOM LCMC and each of its depots.

"It's all about making it stronger, lighter and cheaper and getting the best stuff to the warfighter," he said.