FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- Soldiers of the 328th Human Resource Company and 363rd Quartermaster Battalion were honored during a Welcome Home Warrior-Citizen ceremony March 20.

They recently completed a year-long tour to Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

During the ceremony, guest speakers emphasized the importance of integrating back into the civilian world.

Soldiers need to know when to ask for help if they need it and Family members need to observe their Soldiers for any changes in behavior.

"Your service is too valuable; you and your Families are too valuable for us to let you languish in this integration," said Brig. Gen. Les Carroll, commanding general of the 4th Expeditionary Sustainment Command.

"Families we depend on you to say my Soldier is hurt and needs help.

It was very difficult to return home and transition back to civilian life," said Master Sgt. Alfredo Molina of the 328th Human Resource Company.

His wife, Belkis Molina, stated that she ultimately is not a medical professional but she can at least notice if there is a difference in him and ensure that he seeks help.

First Lt. Herrera Pastrana Sr., 328th HRC stated, "The first few months after returning from overseas were the hardest, but as time goes on it gets a bit easier. I am very happy to be home."

Appreciation was also conveyed to Family members of the 328th and 363rd Soldiers.

Col. Tracy A. Thompson, commander of the 300th Sustainment Brigade, spoke of the sacrifices the Families made while their Soldiers were away for a year.

Thompson also told the Soldiers that by serving, they contribute to those who have fought on the front lines for the nation's freedoms. "It is a legacy that you now give your Family that will last beyond your lifetime," said Thompson.

President George W. Bush and Congress created the Welcome Home Warrior-Citizen Award Program in 2004 to acknowledge service abroad by Soldiers in the Army Reserve, such as those with the 211th.

The award consists of a personalized, encased American flag, a yellow Welcome Home Warrior-Citizen flag, an Army Reserve Soldier lapel set and a specially designed commemorative coin.