WASHINGTON (Feb. 26, 2010) - The U.S. Army's online recruiting strategy is the best in the defense industry, according to the Fourth Annual Human Capital Management For Defense Awards Ceremony Feb. 17.

U.S. Army Accessions Command won "Most Innovative Recruitment Program" for its array of outreach initiatives in cyberspace. Among these are "Sgt. Star" and "Ask A Soldier" on www.goarmy.com, social media work on Facebook, and the data collection that USAAC realizes from these promotional efforts. HCMD is the defense industry's recognition of excellence in workforce administration

"The Digital Division of USAAC's Marketing and Outreach Directorate keeps goarmy.com relevant and productive," said Lt. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, commanding general of U.S. Army Accessions Command.

"It is superb to see our team recognized this way," he said. "Our online programs harness the social power of the Internet to keep America's Army strong and ready. Goarmy.com is a critical information source for young people considering a path to Army service."

USAAC beat out 11 other entries for having the most innovative program in attracting top talent, implementing an effective recruitment strategy, and demonstrating improvements in the hiring process. Judges singled out the year-long efforts of the digital team, which is responsible for managing goarmy.com and social media initiatives.

"The team tackled a variety of challenges in 2009, including delivering relevant content to its audience by evolving tactics," said Suzanne Nagel, Digital Division chief. "The rapid evolution of social networking and audience tastes forced us to be nimble. Providing a platform for open, honest transparent conversation is how we built trust with our audience."

Marketing online must show results, which was another area where USAAC's digital team shined.

"We have a complex system of user tracking, allowing analysis of users' needs based on their activities, which create awareness about Army opportunities and generates highly qualified leads for recruiters," Nagel said. "Goarmy.com leads had the highest lead to contract conversion rate of all leads sources in 2009 - 37 percent better than the next closest source. More than 16 million people visited goarmy.com in 2009."

Nagel manages a team of 13 in the division: Mark Edwards, John Fisher, Nick Gioia, Naomi Gray, Brent Griswell, Benjamin Hibben, Travis Hillenbrand, Marjorie Lehman, Matthew Parrott, Daniel Redys, Scott Surguine and Rachael Tolliver.