It may not be springtime yet, but hungry mouths are already being fed in the Wolves' Den.

Fort Wainwright Soldiers celebrated the re-opening of the Wolves' Den dining facility Feb. 18.

The 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division is taking over full-time operations of the Wolves' Den dining facility following the unit's 12-month Iraq deployment to Iraq, according to Staff Sgt. Lynette Ross, 1-25th SBCT food service manager.

With the 25th Brigade Support Battalion taking responsibility for the dining facility, brigade Soldiers can expect the same quality they received while deployed, Ross said.

Several vendors have provided the Wolves' Den with a variety of meats and other choices. Soldiers can vote whether or not to keep certain items on the menu.

"Soldiers get to pick what they like," Ross said.

Giving Soldiers the opportunity to influence what's served in the dining facility may be just the thing to help the 25th BSB get a foot up in the friendly competition between the Wolves' Den and Fort Wainwright's Arctic Falcon Dining Facility, according to Ross.

"A little competition is fun," Ross said. "We are the best."

Ross credited the success of the Wolves' Den to the battalion's dedication to each other and their customers. "We are a team, and we have a job to do," Ross said.

About 78 25th BSB Soldiers help operate the Wolves' Den.

The Wolves' Den is open to Soldiers and their families as well as anyone with access to Fort Wainwright.