The 49th Missile Defense Battalion at Fort Greely, Alaska, is an Army National Guard unit that operates and secures the nation's operational arm of the balistic missile defense system.

One photo above shows Spc. Jose Carrillo-Mojica, a Military Police Officer from Puerto Rico, as he scans his patrol zone on the Missile Defense Complex at Fort Greely, Alaska. The military police company of the 49th Missile Defense Battalion conducts the only 24/7 continuous site security mission of a strategic missile defense site in the Army National Guard.

Also pictured above is an Alaska Army National Guard Commendation Medal awaiting presentation beside a model exo-atmospheric kill vehicle on February 8th. Brig. Gen. Randy Banez, Assistant Adjutant General- Space and Missile Defense, Alaska Army National Guard, presented the medal to Lt. Col. (Ret.) Rob Olsen, Division Chief Operation Support Division Alaska, for his tireless efforts to the missile defense mission and the Alaska Army National Guard Soldiers who operate and secure the missile defense system at Fort Greely, Alaska.