JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - Spc. Michael Hart, a Highland, Ind., native stationed at Fort Story, Va., plays a vital role in local cargo delivery here as a Soldier with the 159th Seaport Operations Company.

In his spare time, Hart said he enjoys recording music, playing guitar, bass guitar, and the keyboard, all of which he has played for years.

Hart successfully delivers inbound cargo from the Central Receiving and Shipping Point to customers all over JBB. He works all day and often stays late to make further deliveries, he explained.

Hart's responsibilities include calling customers, coordinating transportation assets for movement, and even driving the platoon M-915 to drop off cargo when necessary, Hart said.

Some might say Hart has a natural affinity for networking which enhances his relationship with regular CRSP customers, resulting in fewer pieces of cargo in the yard, and more rapid cargo delivery.

"I really enjoy the challenges of my job," said Hart. "There are plenty of opportunities for problem solving and troubleshooting."

"Spc. Hart's professionalism rivals that of seasoned veterans," said Sgt. Patrick Ryan, a section sergeant in the 159th SOC CRSP Yard and a native of Box Elder, S.D. Recently Hart organized a CRSP internal Trailer Transfer Point. By employing this concept, Hart explained, he can coordinate for additional cargo deliveries on the phone while an M-915 driving team takes a full trailer to the appropriate point of contact. By the time the team returns he has already loaded another trailer. All the driver has to do is drop the empty trailer and pick up a full one. By using this method, Hart said he greatly increased the daily output of JBB cargo.

"Our platoon has overcome several challenges, since much of our work falls outside our [job]," said Hart. "It's been a rewarding experience and we have had a chance to see another side of the transportation world. This deployment has taught me a lot about how the Army works, and how to be a good Soldier."

"Spc. Hart's professional mannerisms are a great asset in our mission. Someday, he will be an outstanding member of the Non-Commissioned Officer corps," stated Sgt. 1st Class Stephen Latch, a native of Little Rock, Ark. and the 159th SOC CRSP NCOIC.

Capt. Philip McDowell, who comes from Charlottesville, Va., and serves as the 159th SOC commander agreed.

"We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers who come to the CRSP for their cargo. Spc. Hart's attention to detail really pays dividends."