Natick is a tremendous asset for our nation-our servicemembers depend on the team at Natick to provide the basic necessities of life to support deployments-food, shelter, and clothing.

After looking at our mission and the teams at Natick, I set four strategic objectives for the team at the Natick Soldier Systems Center:

--Create a sustainable US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC).

--Develop a strategic plan for the installation.

--NSSC as an active participant in the community.

--Foster an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation which creates synergy across the NSSC.

I'll talk about each objective in subsequent postings, but today I'd like to concentrate on the last objective.

We have two customers-the warfighters who use our equipment and the American taxpayer who provides us resource to support those warfighters. We owe our warfighters the best equipment we can with the precious resources our citizens entrust to us. In order to do that, we must cooperate and work together to provide the best gear at the best price.

We have tremendous potential here at Natick, but we must work together as one team to realize that potential. We owe it to both our customers. We are currently moving to create joint bases in our Armed Forces. Natick was ahead of that trend with team s from the Army, Navy, Marines Corps and Coast Guard. We recently added special operations Product Manager and will soon add an Air Force team. We look forward to the Air Force team joining us to create further synergies.

To our team at Natick, I thank you for all you do every day for all our servicemen and women.

To our fans, thank you for your support.