RED CLOUD GARRISON - Soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division praise the changes and growth the nation has gone through because of one man and his dream during a Martin Luther King Jr. observance celebration Jan. 15 in the 2ID Commanding General's mess hall.

The event, coordinated by the 2ID Equal Opportunity office, began with a lunch provided by the 2ID EO and the CG's mess. Following the meal, additional notes were added about the legacy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left behind and what the Army has gone through because of what King did during his lifetime.

Sgt. Maj. Christopher Pritchard, the designated guest speaker for the observance spoke of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did for today's Army and what Soldiers can do today to continue the dream that King delivered in front of Abraham Lincoln's memorial in Washington, D.C.

"What can you and I do to live the dream'" Pritchard asked the audience. "You start with the man in the mirror and you seek to change his ways. You know who I am talking about. We too must show efforts, determination and desire for a change. As Soldiers we come from many different backgrounds but our focus should be more of those things we have in common to use as a starting point to clear the air of misconceptions."

Pritchard received a standing ovation from the Soldiers and Civilians in attendance, as well as a certificate of appreciation and a coin of excellence from the 2ID Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Michael S. Tucker, and a 2ID tomahawk in appreciation.

"I have been fascinated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. my whole life," Tucker said. "Thank God for people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who keeps this country together, and because of people like him we are as great as we are today."