IRAQI ARMY CAMP AL MEMONA, Iraq - A ribbon cutting ceremony Dec. 9 marked the celebration of the official opening of Iraqi Army Camp Al Memona, Iraq.
Iraqi Army Brig. Gen. Amer Abd Al-Wahid Al-Bayat, the base commander at Al Memona, gave his thanks to Coalition forces and the Iraqi Ministry of Defence at the ceremony.
"I would like to thank the ... (Coalition forces) and also the Iraqi Ministry of Defence for their support and assistance, and their effort in the construction of the new buildings and the support of the Iraqi Army," said Al-Bayat, through an interpreter.

Col. Sean A. Ryan, commander of the 36th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) out of Temple, Texas, attended the ribbon cutting and said he plans to send logistics trainings and advisory teams to help with the logistics and maintenance at Al Memona.
"Those teams will come in and help them set up their systems and order parts, and make sure that they translate all the manuals, and (know) how to issue tools - just the procedures for conducting maintenance and sustaining that maintenance," he said.
Ryan, a Cedar Park, Texas, native, said Al Memona was designed as a logistical hub to support the Maysan area.

Air Force Lt. Col. Steven Ramsay, the senior adviser with the Tallil Logistics Military Advisory Team and a Fitzgerald, Ga., native, said Al Memona took roughly 14 months and more than $35 million to complete.
Ramsay said the new base has dry and cold storage abilities, as well as production sights for a few necessities, including ice and a bakery capable of producing more than 600 flatbreads a day.
"From the standpoint of warehousing, ice, bread and fuel, they are going to be sort of a hub for a lot of supplies that support various 10th (Iraqi Army) Division units in the Maysan area," he said.
Iraqi Police Force Staff Maj. Gen. Sa'ad, the Maysan provincial chief of police, said the base exhibits the success of the partnership between Coalition forces and Iraqi Security Forces, and will provide better security for the Maysan province.

"It is another sign of success between ISF and CF," he said. "This location will include elements from IPs, IAs and CF to help ensure stability and prosperity in the province."