Al Asad, Iraq - A 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team Chaplain, Capt. Michael Lanigan, interacts with Soldiers prior to their convoys every night before sending them off with a prayer.

Lanigan believes Soldiers can take comfort in affirming their faith prior to missions, and said his goal is to get out and see as many Soldiers as possible.

"They are spread to the wind out here on the base and the one place they gather is before the mission," said Lanigan.

Lanigan explained that there are many threats and many fears on the missions, and that encouraging faith through prayer and relationship building is an honor as he serves those who serve.

Although Lanigan is not required to go out on missions himself, he occasionally goes out on the difficult and sometimes dangerous missions to show support and be a part of what the Soldiers are doing.

Lanigan wants Soldiers to be able to take comfort in their Faith.

"They realize that there are things that are not in the playbook, and not in their control, and they are able to focus on something that is bigger than them," he said.

Lanigan stated that when things go bad on a convoy it is another way for Soldiers to stay calm, and that in times of adversity Soldiers can develop their Faith.

"I come out here every night, this is exactly what I feel like God has designed me to do-to bring faith to the fight in a place where men and women just need encouragement."
Lanigan said that he does not inspire with just his words, but with God's words, and that he believes that is a powerful thing.

"The great thing is that it is not just about me; a lot of the other Soldiers and platoons will choose someone with a strong faith to give their own prayer."

Lanigan believes there is a rewarding experience which exists in serving Soldiers, and said, "Anytime they can be re-assured that God's with them when they face difficult times it is all good."