Washington, D.C. (Oct 15, 2009) - U.S. Army South participated in the world's largest landpower forum, Association of the United States Army, which brought together active, Guard and Reserve Army members along with retirees, family members and civilians. U.S. Army South participated in the annual meeting by providing a military exhibition, an operational presentation and social interaction resulting in a wider understanding of the Army South mission.

"AUSA is a great place to engage," said Brig. Gen. Manuel Ortiz, Deputy Commanding General of Army South. "This is a place to come and tell our story."

The Association of the United States Army held the three-day event offering the opportunity for attendees to experience different aspects of the U.S. Army. Through military forums, family forums, industry and military exhibitions, AUSA provided an opportunity for Soldiers to learn about different commands and technologies available to them.

"This is my second time at AUSA and it has been a great experience," said Sgt. First Class Arturo De La Garza, Army South Operations. "There are so many opportunities here, big and small elements. It opens the Soldiers eyes to the possibilities out there, not just what they learned in basic."

Army South embraced this ideology and sought opportunities to spread the Army South mission to both Soldiers and civilians at the conference. During the past year, Army South created a military exhibition booth focused on engaging AUSA attendees and depicting the roles and responsibilities of the command.

"People know our patch and associate it with Panama, and that may be all they know" said Ortiz. "However, this booth offers them the chance to learn about Army South and our mission."

Not only did Army South set-up a booth with Soldiers standing by to answer questions it also engaged AUSA attendees through social interactions and participation in the AUSA Sergeant's Corner. The goal of the Sergeant's Corner was to conduct hourly briefings focused on the role of the Non-commissioned officer.

"Everyone has a different story," said De La Garza, who conducted the Sergeants Corner brief for Army South. "Sergeants Corner offers a forum to learn about different commands, companies, programs and to hear their views."

Ultimately it was a learning experience for everyone who attended. With the forum provided by AUSA, members of Army South had the opportunity to engage attendees while learning more about the components and technologies of the Army.

"There is a lot more out there to learn and experience," said De La Garza. "AUSA is the perfect venue for Soldiers to learn more about the military."