Eight civilian employees were recognized by Col. Lillian Dixon, garrison commander, during Fort Jackson's Employee of the Month ceremony at the Solomon Center Tuesday.

It was the first time that garrison employees who have distinguished themselves were recognized in a public ceremony. Employees selected from the Directorate of Human Resources and the Directorate of Logistics received a $250 performance award, a certificate of appreciation and a garrison coin.

"In my opinion, everybody in garrison is an outstanding employee. And if I had enough money to recognize everybody, I would," Dixon told the crowd. "But everybody's got a chance to get the recognition. It's all about your performance, your initiative, your drive."

Aaron Hayes, chief of the Plans, Analysis and Integration Office, who organized the event, explained that each month, employees from one directorate or organization will be selected. DHR was the highlighted directorate for August; DOL was selected for September.

"We have some great employees doing a lot of great things, so what (we) chose to do was to pick a directorate or an office per month and using their own internal selection procedures to pick some outstanding employees to present to the rest of the garrison and to Fort Jackson," Hayes said.

Hayes added that many organizations have been recognizing employees internally, but the new ceremony would allow outstanding performers to be acknowledged in a public forum.

Robert Youmans, DHR director, said the employees selected from his directorate had to meet the highest standards.

"These employees have gone through a rigorous process in being nominated and selected for the recognition here today," Youmans said. "The criterion is very, very simple. We tell the employees in DHR that every two weeks, you receive a check to perform your duties. In order to be recognized in our employee recognition program, you have to perform above and beyond your regular job."

Dixon said the recognition is a way to say, 'Thank you,' for the sacrifices made by garrison employees.

"I wish I could do so much more, but because of their hard work, and because of their love for the Soldiers, I felt like it was time for us to give back to civilians," she said.

Melody Porter, human resources assistant with DHR, expressed her gratitude for being selected.

"Receiving the garrison employee of the month award made me feel very appreciated," Porter said. "I feel that my efforts are not being overlooked and that ... it is recognized that helping Soldiers is and will always remain first and foremost for me."

The employees will also be honored during Friday's graduation at Hilton Field. Future Employee of the Month ceremonies will be scheduled quarterly.


The following garrison employees were recognized for their exemplary services:

Directorate of Human Resources:
-- Jennifer Garrison
-- Michelle Pointer
-- Melody Porter
-- Hope Stephens

Directorate of Logistics:
--Aca,!'Samuel McEady
-- Roger E. Davis
-- Eugenia Parks
-- Mary Perry