Polish News Translated – Poznan July 9

By Bethany HuffJuly 9, 2024

(Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

Editor's Note: These are courtesy translations of local news provided by the U.S. Army Garrison Poland Public Affairs team for the benefit the military community stationed here. Views or opinions are not endorsed by USAG Poland or the U.S. Army.

U.S. Military Equipment to be Stored in Wielkopolska

Military equipment has begun arriving in Wielkopolska, set to be stored in Powidz. The transfer of U.S. Army equipment, reported by defense24.pl, marks the beginning of Powidz becoming part of a broader system of equipment storage for U.S. ground troops in Europe.

"In the APS-2 depot in Powidz, equipment for the U.S. Army armored brigade will be stored, including the latest versions of various armored combat vehicles, such as M1A2SEPv3 tanks, M2A4 infantry combat vehicles (or A3) Bradley, combat vehicles for reconnaissance and fire control of M7A4 artillery, specialized transporters, and armored cars of the JLTV family," the report stated.

The shifting of equipment is an element of strengthening NATO's eastern flank.

Polish-American Independence Day in Powidz

Powidz celebrated Polish-American Independence Day with numerous attractions prepared by U.S. Army soldiers, including musical performances in a rock or club style.

The Air Force Representative Band, under the direction of Lt. Col. Pawel Joks, performed. Rural Housewives' Units from Powidz and nearby areas, along with the Ukrainian community, prepared delicious, sweet snacks and savory dishes. Participants also enjoyed offerings from Jaworowo Winery (Słupca) and Miodosytnia Imbiorowicz from Przybrodzin.

Activities organized by the Americans included games of cornhole, jenga, archery, and badminton. Attendees could also taste American lemonade and receive flags and event-themed gadgets.

The event concluded with a fireworks display organized by the American side, an integral part of the American Independence Day celebrations. (View more photos here).

A Polish community member records the firework show after the inaugural Polish-American Freedom Fest hosted by U.S. Army Garrison Poland and the City of Powidz, held at Powidz Lake, Poland, July 4, 2024. This inaugural freedom fest celebrates not...
A Polish community member records the firework show after the inaugural Polish-American Freedom Fest hosted by U.S. Army Garrison Poland and the City of Powidz, held at Powidz Lake, Poland, July 4, 2024. This inaugural freedom fest celebrates not only the independence of the United States but also the enduring friendship between Poland and America that stretches back hundreds of years and strengthens every day. (Photo Credit: Bethany Huff) VIEW ORIGINAL
Unusual Train with Live Music to Appear at Poznań Station

An unusual train featuring live music will return to the Poznań station next week, setting off on the Wielkopolska tracks.

The Blues Express Festival is an event not only for blues fans but also for lovers of old steam locomotives and railways. Each year, the festival gathers several thousand people.

"Blues Express is going slow, but everyone's happy," Marek Woźniak said during a press conference announcing the 32nd edition of one of Poland's major blues festivals. “As a self-government, we have been consistently supporting Blues Express for years. We have already contracted two more editions of the festival. We think it is an attractive event for Wielkopolska and believe it is well received. I am glad that this year a real steam locomotive will go on the route, and we will return to this good tradition. It is worth being with us on the road and at the lake in Zakrzewo, where you listen to the blues very well," Woźniak encouraged participation.

"Blues Express starts in Poznań and crosses northern Wielkopolska to reach picturesque Zakrzewo. Blues music resounds not only in a special composition prepared by the event partner Koleje Wielkopolskie but also during concert stops at six railway stations. The journey finale includes performances at the Zakrzewo amphitheater," said Anna Parzyńska-Paschke, a spokeswoman for the Marshal.

“The musical train is awaited by many residents of Wielkopolska, who greet us along the way. We always try to show during the festival that blues has a name and a large genre range. This year, both very young performers and Old Breakout will play for us. There is something nice for everyone," said Henryk Szopiński, Director of the Festival, about the 32nd program of Blues Express.

The unique steam locomotive will appear on the route thanks to the Wolsztyn Engineers, the Cultural Institution of the Wielkopolska Region, which will make the composition available for the event. This year, for the first time, it will embark on a musical journey with retro wagons.

"We have prepared a dizzying timetable, as the speed of this train is 60 km/h. Another surprise is the water refill in Chodzież, where 10,000 liters of water will be re-filled in 22 minutes so that the locomotive can reach its destination. Don’t worry, the retro wagons are very efficient as they have undergone revitalization. It will be more than 16 hours with the Wielkopolska Railways!" said Marek Nitkowski, President of the Management Board of Wielkopolskie Railways.

Rogalowe Museum of Poznań Celebrates 10th Anniversary

POZNAŃ, Poland — One of the most popular attractions in Poznań, the Rogalowe Museum, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Established in 2014, the Rogalowe Museum of Poznań quickly became one of the capital of Wielkopolska’s top attractions. The museum presents the history of the beloved croissants of Poznań. Housed in a five-hundred-year-old tenement opposite the town hall in the Old Market Square, the museum offers not only shows but also a rich history.

The success of this project is evidenced by thousands of visitors and numerous awards, including the Polish Tourist Organisation's Certificate in 2021.

“Over the decade, we’ve gathered a lot of experiences and stories we’d like to share. To begin with, we have prepared an exhibition open to all. I especially recommend paying attention to historical advertisements and articles from the former press devoted to the croissants,” said Szymon Walter, one of the originators and co-owners of the Rogalowe Museum.

The exhibition will run until Wednesday, Aug. 14.