Translated local news headlines for June 14 - Zagan

By Marcus FichtlJune 14, 2024

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Editor's Note: These are courtesy translations of local news provided by the U.S. Army Garrison Poland Public Affairs team for the benefit the military community stationed here. Views or opinions are not endorsed by USAG Poland or the U.S. Army.

European football national tournament 2024 – where you can watch in official fan zones ?

The fan zone is a place, most often with a large screen, where you can watch sports events together, as well as take advantage of the gastronomic offer. The official fan zones were introduced for the first time during the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Fan Zone in Bolesławiec

Bolesławiec invites all football fans to the Fan Zone for unforgettable sports emotions during Euro 2024! Watch matches on three large screens and enjoy the atmosphere of such a center of sporting experience in Bolesławiec. Zone Fan is located at Plac Popiełuszki 2, next to the Orka pool. It is the perfect place to spend time with friends supporting your favorite teams in an atmosphere full of sports emotions.

Fan zones in Żagań

The Euro 2024 zone will start on the basis of cooperation between the city and local entrepreneurs - informs Marcin Lokietek from the magistrate. - As part of the patronage of the Mayor of Żagań, residents will be able to watch all championship matches in five Żagan restaurants from Friday, June 14, 2024. Addresses of the official Fan Zones:

  • Restaurant Bar Kepler, Rynek 27/28,
  • Trattoria Antonio, Rybacka 42,
  • Pizzeria “Zamkowa” restaurant, Szprotawska 2,
  • Światełka, Plac Wolności 8,
  • Pizzeria Rollo, Osiedle na Górce.
A miracle in Lubuskie!

Dworski Park in Iłowa became the Polish Miracle 2024 in the National Geographic competition. It is one of the most beautiful places in Lubuskie, which attracts at any time of the year. In the park you can admire the gardens: roses, Japanese and Chinese and English, but this is just a fragment of what awaits you here.

Dworski Park surrounding the palace won the most beautiful and greenest place in Lubuskie, gaining as much as 70% of the votes of Internet users and thus received the title of the Polish miracle 2024. In the park you can admire the gardens: rose, Japanese and Chinese and English.

Why is the park in Iłowa worth knowing? It was established at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries on the initiative of the then owner of the estate of Fryderyk Maksymilian von Hochberg. It was established on a flat area of 12.5 ha. The Czerna Mała River flows through the park, which in its central part flows the island with the palace, which today, the Complex Schools in Iłowa. On the eastern side of the palace there is a former farm, and on the west a former gardener house and a picturesque building called the Love Bridge. Equally peculiar are the brick walls – the “lunar remnants”, located in the middle of the park.

Frederick Maximilian von Hochberg himself was a traveler, German ambassador to Japan and enthusiastic about Asian culture. What’s more, he loved parks – he was born in Ksiaz. On his initiative, from 1902, construction and horticultural works in Art Nouveau style were carried out in Iłowa.

Increased border checks going to Germany beginning June 14

Stationary checks carried out by the German services at border crossings will be extended for another six months. They will also be intensified in connection with the starting football championship. Expect extra traffic when crossing the border.

Controls at the German border were introduced at the end of last year and were aimed at limiting the flow of migrants. Uniforms service check the driver's documents and whether they are not transporting anyone illegally. They mainly focus on trucks and buses, but passenger cars are also stopped. Therefore, huge traffic jams are created at the border crossings. This has been the case for several months, for example, in Słubice or Świecko.

The operation of checkpoints was first extended until February and later until mid-June. It is already known that they will last longer, and the checks will last at least until mid-December. This is bad news for those who often visit our western neighbor or plan to go holiday. For a lot of difficulties, you have to prepare for the 14th of June, because from that day on, the problems related to crossing the border will be even greater. All in connection with the European Football Championship starting Euro 2024.

With the start of the football championship, the controls will be extended to additional border crossings. They will take place at all German borders in the Schengen area. Therefore, the patrols will appear not only on the border with Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland or Austria. Police can also randomly check drivers at the border with Denmark, France and the Benelux countries. The aim of these activities is to identify and prevent in the early stages any dangerous situations that may threaten safety during the championship. These will begin on June 14th and will last until the 14th of July. Their organizers expect nearly three million people in the stadiums and up to twelve million in the fan zones. The matches will be played in ten German cities. It will be Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dortmund and Frankfurt am Main.