Preparing Your Organization for the Unknown

By MAJ Thomas A. Duncan, CSM Jesse J. Clark, Center for Army Lessons LearnedJune 4, 2024

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24-850, Preparing Your Organization for the Unknown, A Perspective From a Command Sergeant Major (May 24)
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A Perspective From a Command Sergeant Major

This paper is an account discussing lessons which CSM Clark and his organization learned while preparing an infantry battalion for employment during a humanitarian crisis — the Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) which occurred during the evacuation of Afghanistan during "Operation Allied Refuge".

CSM Clark recounts the tactics, techniques, and procedures that he used to prepare an organization for agile employment in an unknown environment. The author further discusses his battalion's experience in the operation to demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques.

This paper speaks on the "art" of training management and leader development, seeking to share best practices for organizational leadership.

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