DCG sends: Celebrating our award-winning teammates

By Liz MirandaMay 28, 2024

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Good afternoon, Team -

We are very happy to share that CECOM’s very own SGT Jason Paglia, a biomedical equipment specialist with U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA), was named this year’s CECOM Noncommissioned Officer of The Year at APG’s 2024 Best Warrior competition. SGT Paglia came all the way from his duty station at Hill AFB in Utah to compete for our command’s top spot. He will now represent CECOM at the AMC Best Warrior Competition for a chance to compete at the Army-level Best Warrior. Excellent job, SGT Paglia! As you progress through this year's competition, know that CECOM fully supports you!

Last week, another CECOM teammate proudly represented the command in an Army-wide competition. Mr. Justin Meissner, an inspector general for CECOM, was named the Army's 2024 Civilian Inspector General of the Year. Justin was awarded for his dedication to upholding the highest Army standards of integrity, accountability, and selflessness, during the 2024 Army’s Inspector General of the Year competition. The competition was a unique opportunity for CECOM’s expert IGs to compete against other Army IGs, effectively increasing readiness throughout the Army. Way to go Justin! We are tremendously proud of you for this achievement.

This week, I am in Huntsville, AL, with our AMC, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (DASA), and Corps of Engineers teammates participating in the 2024 AMC Organic Industrial Base (OIB) Modernization War Game. The OIB Modernization War Game is a biannual event focused on ensuring the Army’s OIB modernization plan, to build the necessary capacity to sustain the Army’s enduring and future systems while maintaining surge capacity to respond to contingencies, is on track to meet modernization milestones. During the War Game, Army, AMC and depots, arsenals and ammunition plants’ leaders gather to identify, prioritize and review modernization requirements and efforts, and discuss alternative mechanisms to fund projects, such as federal authorities and partnerships with States, industry and academia. I look forward to sharing more about the key takeaways in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you all for remaining committed and dedicated to CECOM and our mission!

This We’ll Defend!