O’Brien spearheads new initiatives at DTC Forum

By Rob WielandMay 8, 2024

O’Brien spearheads new initiatives at DTC Forum
Ms. Kristina O’Brien, SES, Deputy to the Commanding General, and Brigade Deputy Commanders, sign the project plan that was completed during the inaugural Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command DTC Forum. (Photo by Rob Wieland) (Photo Credit: Rob Wieland) VIEW ORIGINAL

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Illinois – Civilian deputies from the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command’s Transportation Brigades migrated from across the globe to the Force Flow Conference Center here to engage in a first of its kind forum focused on collaborative discussions driving organizational transformation initiatives.

Ms. Kristina O’Brien, SES, SDDC’s Deputy to the Command General, spearheaded the inaugural Brigade Deputy to the Commander, or DTC, Forum that delved into current and future human resources programs within the command.

“This is the first time we were all together in-person, so just building the relationships across the team of deputies is a win.” said O’Brien. 

The forum focused our Strategic Human Capital plan and Talent Management Initiatives along with opportunities and challenges impacting Surace Warriors now, and into the future.

“Our goal was to collectively develop 4 or 5 action plan items to support of our Strategic Human Capital Plan, with a focus on building and developing our workforce of 2030 while gaining efficiencies,” said O’Brien.

The SDDC Strategic Human Capital Plan includes four lines of effort focused specifically on human capital:  Acquire, Develop, Employ and Retain. The group’s intent was to develop at least one initiative/action in support of each of these lines of effort. 

According to O’Brien one central topic was on how to leverage data to enable our capabilities and to inform our human capital decisions – this was all about decision advantage and is so important as we prepare the workforce for tomorrow.  

“We also focused on Talent Management, actively managing our workforce, and understanding gaps and opportunities,” concluded O’Brien.

The forum provided the group the opportunity to look ahead, and to continue to develop a plan to cultivate and maximize our teams’ capabilities to sustain and enhance Army Readiness.

“We have the right team, right now, to get the project plan done, Ms. O’Brien is the perfect person to lead us forward,“ said Aviana Gutierrez, deputy to the commander, 599th Transportation Brigade.

The forum concluded with leaders signing the project plan, thereby pledging their commitment to the tackling the problems preventing the command from realizing the personnel system needed to support our global workforce by 2028.