AMC communicators recognized by Army

By Alyssa CrockettApril 12, 2024

AMC communicators recognized by Army
Eben Boothby, an Army Materiel Command public affairs specialist, takes a video of a Best Warrior Competition competitor at Army Materiel Command's Best Warrior Competition Aug. 16, 2022, at Fort Moore, Ga. formerly known as Fort Benning. Army public affairs professionals are a conduit to help tell the Army’s story. (Photo Credit: Alyssa Crockett) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Two communicators from the Army Materiel Command enterprise are among the recipients of a competition that features hundreds of submissions from across the Army public affairs community.

Maj. Gen. John Rafferty, Army chief of public affairs, announced the winners of the Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Communications Award Competition that recognizes Soldiers and civilians for excellence in achieving Army communication and public affairs objectives.

For the third straight year, Becca Kidd was recognized as the Army’s top community relations professional, while Molly Cooke is the first recipient of the Civilian Graphic Designer of the Year Award since 2016.

“Entries were judged on how well they supported the HQDA story lines and communication objectives, as well as their technical proficiency, and how effectively products depicted their commands’ communication objectives as described in an executive summary,” Rafferty said in an April 5 email.

Kidd’s recognition was earned in the Kathy Canham-Ross Award of Distinction category that identify products that best exemplify excellence in community engagement contributions.

As a supervisory specialist at Communications-Electronics Command, Kidd is a driving force for the CECOM community relations programs at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

Cooke serves as Fort Stewart’s garrison community relations chief and deputy public affairs officer. She earned distinction as the Army’s top Civilian Graphic Designer across the entire force after submitting a variety of layout and design and digital art products.

Cooke will represent the service at the DOD level. Results of that competition are expected to be announced May 8. All the Army’s winner portfolios can be viewed here.

Since AMC receives numerous submissions for this annual competition from its subordinate commands, the organization is authorized by the Army to conduct a command level competition before forwarding to KLW. All products must be in accordance with the DOD Vision Information Style Guide and DOD Instruction 5040.02.

“Over the past month, our judges reviewed more than 85 submissions and selected 17 winners to move on to the Army's Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware competition,” said Col. James Rawlinson, director of AMC public and congressional affairs. “I am amazed with the quality of submissions and how the entries manage to consistently improve each year.”

AMC’s competition is called the “David G. Harris Competition” after Harris, who last served as the public affairs chief of Army Missile Command – now Aviation and Missile Command. His legacy includes a storied career and reputation as a wise and honest communicator to the community, media and leaders.

In addition to the products submitted for forwarding to the Army’s KLW competition, AMC also recognized several historical categories that are not recognized at the Army level. The winners of those categories can be found below the Public Affairs Organization of the Year category.

David G. Harris Competition Winners advanced to the KLW Competition:

Category A: Army Communicator of the Year

  1. Dustin Perry, USAG Japan
  2. Jason Ragucci, USAG Fort Liberty

Category B: Civilian Graphic Designer of the Year

  1. Joanie Messenger, CECOM
  2. Molly Cooke, USAG Fort Stewart**

Category D: Civilian Photographer of the Year

  1. Sean Kimmons, USAG Japan

Category F: Clark Taylor Civilian Videographer of the Year

  1. John Switzer, USAG Fort Carson
  2. Thomas Reust, USAG Fort Riley

Category G: John T. Anderson Military Videographer of the Year

  1. Sgt. Timothy Baso, USAG Humphreys

Category H: Moss-Holland Civilian Writer of the Year

  1. Daniel Elkins, MICC
  2. Denise Caskey, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall
  3. Sarah Zaler, USASAC

Category L: Kathy Canham-Ross Award of Distinction

  1. Becca Kidd, CECOM**
  2. Tonya Townsell, USAG Fort McCoy
  3. Timothy Flack, USAG Japan

Category O: Public Affairs Organization of the Year

  • Small: JMC
  • Medium: Headquarters AMC
  • Large: CECOM

** = won at the Army level

David G. Harris winners with no corresponding category at the Army level:


Category A: News Video

  1. Dustin Perry, USAG Japan
  2. Tim Hanson, USASAC
  3. Master Sgt. Nathan Hutchison, ASC

Category B: Feature Video

  1. Tim Hanson, USASAC
  2. Monica Gutherie, USAG Humphreys
  3. Greg Mason, USAG Fort McCoy

Category C: Social Media/Multimedia Video

  1. Nathan Clinebelle, USAG Fort Jackson
  2. Cameron Porter, 405th Army Field Support Brigade
  3. Sarah Patterson, ASC

Category D: Training Documentation Video

  1. Thomas Reust, USAG Fort Riley
  2. Jose Sanchez-Alonso, USAG Japan
  3. Sarah Patterson, ASC


Category A: Feature Photograph

  1. Scott Sturkol, USAG Fort McCoy
  2. Jon Connor, ASC
  3. Terri Stover, USASAC

Category B: News Photograph

  1. Marcus Fitchl, USAG Stuttgart
  2. Jon Connor, ASC
  3. Angelina Betran, USAG Fort Leonard Wood

Category C: Training Documentation Photograph

  1. Eric Pilgrim, USAG Fort Knox
  2. Jacqueline Hill, Fort Liberty


Category A: News Article

  1. Adam Sikes, TACOM
  2. Matthew Day, Watervliet Arsenal
  3. Bardia Khajenoori, USAG Stuttgart

Category B: Feature Article

  1. Ben Gonzales, ACC
  2. Daniel Elkins, MICC
  3. Sean Kimmons, USAG Japan

Category C: Commentary

  1. Corinna Baltos, ASC
  2. Eric Pilgrim, USAG Fort Knox
  3. Terri Stover, USASAC

Category D: Online Publication

  1. USAG Fort Jackson
  2. USAG Fort Novosel
  3. Letterkenny Army Depot

Category E: Printed Publication

  1. USAG Fort Cavazos
  2. Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall

Graphic Arts

Category A: Layout and Design

  1. Tim Hanson, USASAC
  2. Joanie Messenger, CECOM
  3. Molly Cooke, USAG Fort Stewart

Community Engagements

Category A: Community Relations Campaign

  1. USAG Japan
  2. Becca Kidd, CECOM
  3. USAG Fort Stewart

Category B: Community Relations Special Event

  1. Becca Kidd, CECOM
  2. Tonya Townsell, USAG Japan
  3. Juan Jimenez, USAG Gregg-Adams