USACRC launches 2024 Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation

By Chris Frazier, Communication and Public Affairs, U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center, Fort Novosel, AlabamaMarch 27, 2024

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FORT NOVOSEL, Alabama — A recently released update to the annual Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation (ODSAP) is providing Soldiers with a detailed road map for navigating the seasonal hazards they could face in the upcoming months.

During spring and summer, Soldiers are more likely to engage in activities that increase their exposure to off-duty hazards. This year's edition of ODSAP, titled “Mapping Your Future – Choose Wisely, Arrive Safely,” is designed to enhance safety awareness of numerous off-duty activities and common contributing factors to mishaps, including fatigue and alcohol.

During the last five fiscal years, the Army has lost an average of 83 Soldiers to off-duty mishaps annually, accounting for 79 percent of the military accidental fatalities during that time frame.

“Off-duty mishap prevention has been our greatest challenge, particularly because Soldiers are typically away from their leaders when many of these accidents occur,” said Brig. Gen. Jonathan C. Byrom, director of Army Safety and commanding general of the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center (USACRC).

Off-duty private motor vehicle mishaps — which includes both the four- and two-wheeled varieties, as well as pedestrians — are the No. 1 killer of Soldiers and are often accompanied by indisciplined behaviors like speed, alcohol use and failure to wear a seat belt. To date, private motor vehicle mishaps account for all 36 off-duty Soldier fatalities this fiscal year. During the warmer-weather seasons, the Army experiences an uptick in off-duty vehicle and motorcycle fatalities, as well as an increase in mishaps involving outdoor recreational activities such as swimming, boating and hiking.

“Historically, April through September includes some of the deadliest months for our Army,” Byrom said. “However, we can change the narrative by applying the risk management principles we embrace on duty to all our off-duty activities. This presentation helps ensure our first-line leaders and Soldiers have the tools to apply appropriate safety measures to mitigate the risks during spring and the upcoming critical days of summer.”

The ODSAP was developed for use at battalion level and below and comes complete with embedded videos and speaker notes, which may be used as is or modified to fit a particular presentation style or reflect local or unit-specific mishap trends. Additionally, the "In the Spotlight Series” breaks down the full presentation into six separate off-duty topics for ease of use.

“We want to assist first-line leaders with making Soldiers aware that their actions off duty play a vital role in keeping themselves and their battle buddies safe,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Jean Pierre Alcedo, USACRC command sergeant major. “If Soldiers are aware of the off-duty hazards they face, they can become part of the solution in preventing the next mishap or loss of life.”

View or download the full 2024 ODSAP presentation, as well as the "In the Spotlight Series," at or the USACRC’s home page at