403rd Army Field Support Brigade Personality Spotlight: Susumu Yamashiro – Logistics Readiness Center-Okinawa

By 403rd AFSB Public AffairsMarch 18, 2024

403rd Army Field Support Brigade Personality Spotlight: Susumu Yamashiro – Logistics Readiness Center-Okinawa
Susumu Yamashiro – Logistics Readiness Center-Okinawa (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

Yamashiro Susumu is a vehicle driver at the Logistics Readiness Center-Okinawa Installation Supply Support Activity (ISSA). Mr. Yamashiro is responsible for the safe transport of passengers and ISSA products by truck or van. Mr. Yamashiro takes great pride in his service and is especially knowledgeable about turn-in of items to DLA. He always gives us accurate advice and treats his co-workers in a cheerful manner and creates a good atmosphere in the workplace. We recognize and thank Mr. Yamashiro for being such a great representative of our organization.


Uruma City

How long have you been working for the U.S. Army:

33 Years

What other positions have you held with the U.S. Military:

Store/Stock Clerk, Warehouseman/Deliveryman

Tell us about your job and what you do:

I mainly provide transport support of ISSA and customers products to and from Camp Kinser to Torii Station daily. I prepare equipment for overseas and local shipment, along with maintaining all ISSA vehicles & general housekeeping within the warehouse. I’m always available to assist my teammates and help with any kind of work that is needed of me.

What other duties are you responsible for?

Maintaining all vehicles, forklifts & warehouse organization/cleanliness. I’m also available to assist my coworkers with any kind of work that is needed.

What are some of your accomplishments while at LRC-Okinawa?

I was recognized in 2010, with the “Special Act Award” for my performance during the timeframe of 13 April 2010 to 16 August of 2010. I assisted the ISSA with increasing the facility storage capabilities to more than 10,000 square feet along with disposal of 1,365 lines of equipment, valued at over $4.1 million with no errors and/or losses. I assisted and supported units participating in Operation Enduring Freedom Eagle in the Philippines. I want to continue to contribute and assist my peers, leadership, and customers any way I can to ensure our customers are able to successfully complete their mission and the ISSA and LRC-Okinawa are able to continue to provide the support the customers require.

What is the best thing about working at LRC-Okinawa?

Working LRC-Okinawa ISSA has been a very nice experience from my first day with the team. Above all, I am grateful to my colleagues and boss who understand me. LRC-Okinawa is the best workplace I’ve ever worked during my time as a Master Labor Contractor.

What do you like to do in your free time?

During my free time I enjoy working on cars and motorcycles. I also do projects around home primarily taking care of my garden.

Do you have a special skill or talent you would like to share (what is something people might not know about you)?

I really enjoy going on motorcycle tours with my friends and colleagues.