403rd Army Field Support Brigade Personality Spotlight: Kiwamu Kawano, Army Field Support Battalion-Northeast Asia (Forward)

By 403rd AFSB Public AffairsJanuary 8, 2024

Kiwamu Kawano, Army Field Support Battalion-Northeast Asia (Forward), and his 1934 Ford Model T.
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Kiwamu Kawano and family at Disney Sea.
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Kiwamu Kawano has a great work ethic and always positive attitude. He never complains about doing work and finds ways to help his coworkers out despite being in a different job series. His willingness to assist our other team members adds to the morale of our organization. Our younger mechanics look up to Kawano-san and are following his good example. He makes a positive difference on our team.


I am from Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture in Japan, where Sony’s main manufacturing factory is located.

Tell about your job and what you do.

I’m an automotive painter for the Army Prepositioned Stock-4, Army Field Support Battalion – Northeast Asia at Sagami General Depot in Japan. We provide Care of Supplies In Storage (COSIS) for equipment in the APS-4 Set. I am responsible for ensuring corrosion prevention and control on all APS-4 equipment stored at SGD. I prepare and paint equipment ranging from generators to Rough Terrain Container Handlers. I also provide mechanic support when needed.

How long have you been with the U.S Army?

I’ve been working with the US Army for 16 years and feel fortunate to have such steady, fairly stress-free employment.

What other positions have you held with the U.S. Military?

I first started working for the Army as a special packer at the Installation Supply Support Activity at SGD in April 2006. I have a love for fixing up old vehicles so within the first year, a job opened that fell in line with this passion. I transferred to Camp Zama as a fender repairman where I continued to hone my skills in body work for the next 10 years.

How long have you been in this position?

I have worked as a painter for six years now and love when the equipment is unmasked, looking like its right off the factory floor. It brings me great satisfaction seeing something transformed in a matter of hours.

What other duties are you responsible for?

When I am not painting, I work alongside the mechanics providing technical assistance, wrenching skills (that I developed working on my own vehicles) and an extra hand when needed.

 What are some of your personal accomplishments? Also, what are some of your accomplishments while at AFSBn-NEA (FWD)?

I have the privilege of being a husband and father to an amazing woman and daughter. I have received many performance and time off awards for the work I have done, but my success is a result of the joint efforts of my coworkers and the other branches that play a role in caring for APS equipment.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like spending time traveling to fun places with my family like Disney Sea, riding my bike and making old vehicles come back to life.

 Do you have any interests or talents you would like to share (what is something people might not know about you)?

I have been restoring cars and trucks for over 30 years. I find a great deal of satisfaction taking something broke and making it new. It makes me happy seeing others find joy in the work I do, like my 1934 Model T.