Improving Retention within the Organization

By MSG Jason G. Pickett, SGM-A Class 74December 19, 2023

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An organization’s ability to acquire and retain talent is a vital function that facilitates the achievement of organizational goals. Increased opportunities for Soldiers in the civilian job market have challenged Army senior leaders to find ways to attract talented individuals and continue their service. Army leaders at all levels are responsible for setting conditions that promote cohesion and foster commitment. Embodying these tenants, which are rooted in trust, is essential to encourage Soldiers to remain a part of the team. However, senior leaders must consider each leadership level and how to implement changes to cultivate prime conditions that advocate retention methodically. Applying specific initiatives at various levels will contribute to military senior leaders improving retention within their respective organizations. Senior leaders can improve the retention of Soldiers within their organizations by enhancing leader development programs, incentivizing, and promoting continued service, and adequately utilizing talent management.

It is important for all senior leaders to enhance leader development programs, incentivize and promote continued service, and adequately utilize talent management to improve retention within their organizations. Leaders must heavily invest in initiatives that set conditions to promote a climate and culture of commitment amongst Soldiers within their unit. How these initiatives are operationalized will affect the retention program in considerable fashion. However, proper application will build trust, which is an essential component for Soldiers to willingly remain part of the Army team. An organization’s ability to achieve its goals is contingent upon a successful retention program.

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24-851_Improving Retention (Dec 23) (Public).pdf

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