Computer scientist recognized by security enterprise

By Terri StoverDecember 4, 2023

Computer scientist recognized by security enterprise
John Salewski, computer scientist and USASAC’s Employee of the third Quarter for fiscal year 2023. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

“In the intricately complex world of information technology and security assistance, there are a few unsung heroes who operate behind the scenes,” Caine Mathis, chief of IT operations at the Security Assistance Command, said. Mathis was specifically talking about John Salewski, computer scientist and USASAC’s Employee of the third Quarter for fiscal year 2023.

Salewski serves as the primary information technology team lead for all mission funded systems and applications supporting the AMC security assistance enterprise. In his role as a computer scientist, he performs information systems development, modification, and maintenance of advanced hardware and software in support of the agency’s foreign military sales programs and processes.

“Mr. Salewski is directly responsible for ensuring compliance with risk management framework and Army cybersecurity requirements for no less than 31,500 individual security controls and security technical implementation guidelines encompassing a myriad of complex IT systems and applications,” Mathis said.

According to his colleagues he holds a position of great importance within the AMC SAE, playing a crucial role that directly impacts over 5,000 individuals and has a significant financial influence, supporting over $13 million in IT investments. He is in his first year at USASAC.

Salewski oversees three Army civilians and 12 contractors as well as his project management tasks. Trevor Fowler, a co-worker, said, “In a field where complexity and challenges can often be daunting, having someone like John who fosters a positive and approachable atmosphere is invaluable. His ability to provide encouragement and make those around him feel at ease contributes significantly to the organization's overall cohesion and success.”

During his tenure so far, “Salewski's contributions reached new heights, and his dedication yielded remarkable results that deserve recognition,” Mathis said. These include coordinating hundreds of migration tasks, totaling over 10,000 man-hours, resulting in the successful migration of case management analyzer and projected annual savings of $1.7 million. Another achievement is positioning USASAC at the forefront of several transformative changes aiming for considerable multimillion-dollar cost savings and remarkable boosts in case performance efficiency.

Salewski’s expertise is highly sought after, not only within the organization but also among peers, subordinates and external organizations. He is recognized as a leader in his field and frequently tackles complex and controversial problems requiring quick resolution. His collaboration with various directorates within the organization is testament to his contributions.

Aaron Ford, USASAC chief information officer, said, “His relentless pursuit of success is underpinned by a diverse skill set that allows him to excel in a wide range of responsibilities. What truly sets John apart is his ability to bring people together to accomplish complex tasks. In a world where collaboration is key, John’s talent for unifying individuals with diverse talents and backgrounds is a formidable asset … His humility is remarkable considering his impressive skill set and the respect he commands in the community. Even with his own achievements, John’s primary focus is on making those around him better. He is a true force-multiplier.”

Not only does he bear the responsibility for managing these intricate systems but even the slightest error could lead to potential losses of millions of dollars. The level of expertise required in his position is unmatched, as he effectively oversees critical processes that drive the efficiency and financial success of the entire enterprise.

“His diligence and attention to detail are of utmost importance, ensuring that operations run smoothly and without costly setbacks,” Mathis said. “Mr. Salewski’s contributions have not only yielded significant financial benefits but also strengthened the team’s capabilities and streamlined their operations. His dedication to finding innovative solutions and implementing them effectively sets a high standard for excellence within the team.”