DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. - Turn on the computer and it works. Pick up the telephone and thereAca,!a,,cs a dial tone. When thereAca,!a,,cs an information technology (IT) problem, thereAca,!a,,cs a number to call. When upgrades are necessary, they magically appear. At the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, MI, the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) is so proficient at maintaining operations that little attention is paid by the average customer as to how and why these devices operate so effortlessly and so effectively.

Dee Danielski, Director of Information Management, often boasts that the Detroit Arsenal has Aca,!A"the best darn DOIM.Aca,!A? Now sheAca,!a,,cs proven it!

At the recent Land War Net Conference held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, LTG Jeffrey A. Sorenson, Chief Information Officer/G-6, HDQA, presented Danielski with the 2009 award for best medium-sized DOIM in the Army.

Aca,!A"Accepting this award,Aca,!A? stated Danielski Aca,!A"is truly an honor.Aca,!A? Aca,!A"It demonstrates the dedication and hard work from the entire DOIM staff, soon to be known as the Network Enterprise Center - Detroit Arsenal. Without their commitment and support, this would not have been possible.Aca,!A? Danielski also credited the Garrison Manager, Brenda Lee McCullough, for the success of the DOIM by Aca,!A"providing steadfast leadership and the resources that allowed us to be all we can be.Aca,!A?

What makes the Detroit Arsenal so successful' Cutting edge innovation. Exceptional customer service. Dedication to the mission. Responsible, reliable and highly trained team members.

Detroit Arsenal IT requirements continue to grow as the numbers of personnel rise. (A 64% increase in the workforce is projected by FY12.) Taking a proactive approach to forecasting concerns, however, ensures challenges are addressed before problems surface. For example, the anticipation of the overcrowded cabling infrastructure and dated voicemail system compelled DOIM representatives to canvass local Congressional representatives for financial support. A new $2M telephone system was secured as a result and is scheduled to be implemented by FY10. In addition, DOIM recently provided all C4IM services to five off-site facilities but took the initiative to engage the tenant organizations in providing the $1M in funding needed to develop the IT resources.

The Detroit Arsenal DOIM completed three lean six sigma green belt projects and one black belt project in FY09, posting over $1.8M in cost avoidance.

Lauded for implementing Beyond Trust, the Detroit Arsenal DOIM enabled 75 users to have their elevated permission removed from various software applications. The action, as stated in the nomination, Aca,!A"assisted in preserving the standard desktop configuration, preventing unlicensed software installation, increasing desktop security, centralizing security control and removing unnecessary elevated permissions.Aca,!A?

Focusing on customer support remains a priority for the Detroit Arsenal DOIM. In an effort to keep business groups informed of upcoming initiatives, projects and changes, Customer Coordination Meetings are held quarterly. DOIM staff is empowered to post pertinent information and successes on a newly created announcement board, and they aligned the Interactive Customer Evaluation with C4IM to better streamline feedback and allow faster response times for inquiries or issues.

ItAca,!a,,cs official! The Detroit Arsenal continues to excel as the Aca,!A"best darn DOIMAca,!A? in the Army, protecting and defending network availability and data integrity and overseeing the communications facilities and operations. Danielski humbly states, Aca,!A"We will continue to work hard and not lose sight of our customers! This is just the beginning of many great things to come.Aca,!A?