FORT BENNING, GA - More than 60 newly promoted sergeants and appointed corporals are expected to take part in the U.S. Army Infantry Center's NCO Induction Ceremony Sept. 25 at the Benning Conference Center.

The ceremony, set to begin at 2 p.m., honors the Fort Benning Soldiers who became noncommissioned officers during the fiscal year's third and fourth quarters, which stretches from April to September.

"It is important to witness the transition of the junior enlisted Soldier into the Army's time-honored corps of noncommissioned officers," said SGM Agnes Bennett-Green, the operations NCO for USAIC's Directorate of Operations and Training. "This is a significant milestone in a Soldier's career."

She said the group will be administered the Noncommissioned Officer Charge, a creed and right of passage read at promotion ceremonies. CSM Earl Rice, the command sergeant major of USAIC and Fort Benning, will speak during the ceremony.

All Soldiers promoted to the NCO level since April should be provided an opportunity to participate in the ceremony, Bennett-Green said. Any who would like to attend is asked to contact his or her brigade operations sergeant major no later than Thursday.

For more details, contact Bennett-Green at or 706-575-8650.