Training for Lethality and Retention in the Army National Guard

By CPT Petrus KnightNovember 28, 2023

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The Army National Guard (ARNG) and the United States Army Reserve (USAR) are integral to our national defense. In fact, the active duty, also known as the regular army (RA), force is currently operating with about 48% of Army Service members (SMs) (for a total of 482,416) as of January 2023. The preponderance of the Army fighting force is cultivated, developed, retained, or languished and lost within the ARNG (about 34%) and USAR (about 18%). Despite this, media sources of all types are replete with articles and journal entries that bemoan the current retention problem within the ARNG.

The article addresses how Army leaders at the tactical and operational level positively affect dwindling Army National Guard retention rates while improving lethality for the modern combat environment. It offers five potential solutions to one small variable of the retention and lethality problem to combat arms military occupational specialties in COMPO 2 (ARNG), although much of this could apply to COMPO 3 (USAR) or other MOS’s.

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24-830_Training for Lethality and Retention in the ARNG (Oct 23) (Public).pdf

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