Shower and Laundry Operations Handbook

By SFC Chase Chance, Kraig WeaverOctober 16, 2023

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23-693_Shower and Laundry Operations Handbook

This leader’s guide provides information on field services support in tactical austere environments. It focuses on field services support in large-scale combat operations, incorporating themes from FM 3-0 and FM 4-0.

It also addresses the Army Health System’s and Surgeon General’s standards for hygiene on the battlefield. The ATP 4-42 addresses force health protection as it relates to preventive medicine and veterinary services support field hygiene and sanitation as it relates to provision of field services. This guide briefly discusses the Army Field Hospital, focusing on the internal shower and laundry support mission for staff and patients.

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23-693_Shower and Laundry Operations Handbook_October 23 (Public Release)

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