Resources to Help National Guardsmen in a Government Shutdown

By National Guard BureauSeptember 29, 2023

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WASHINGTON - During government shutdowns, military service members and civilians who are furloughed may miss a paycheck, although pay is typically provided retroactively. So, it's a good idea to have a plan.

Service members and families are encouraged to call mortgage and utility companies to inform them of the situation and possibly get more time to pay bills. Failure to pay without contacting the companies could harm your credit rating, so be proactive.

For additional information and support, see the following resources:

The Thrift Savings Plan will continue its normal daily operations and the ThriftLine will remain open. The TSP will post additional information on, if a lapse in appropriations occurs. Members can also review this fact sheet for account holders who enter administrative furlough.

Military OneSource, Personal Financial Counselors and Military Family Life Counselor services will continue to provide career, financial and non-medical counseling as these services are paid by already funded contracts.

Air Force Aid Society and Army Emergency Relief are available to T10 Soldiers and Airmen. All ANG Guard members and Reservists with emergency needs are eligible for Air Force Aid Society assistance during a government shutdown.

National Guard Military Family Readiness Staff may have additional community resources or grant/loan opportunities. Please reach out to the Soldier or Airman and Family Readiness staff in your location for more information.

Furloughed employees are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits, but excepted employees working on a full-time basis are generally not eligible. Employees who wish to file should do so with the unemployment office for the state where the employee worked (i.e., last official duty station prior to furlough). Please be advised, however, that when employees receive retroactive pay, they will be required to pay back any unemployment benefits they received, in accordance with state law. For more information, see OPM guidance and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees.

Several banking institutions, such as USAA, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Marine Federal Credit Union, have been known to advance military pay to their customers during government shutdowns. Contact your bank to inquire about their policies.

The Defense Health Agency has authorized its TRICARE contractors to continue delivering health care to its 9.4 million beneficiaries. TRICARE beneficiaries seeking medical care from private providers should feel no significant effects. Care at military hospitals and clinics would remain largely unaffected. The TRICARE website includes current information about the impact of the shutdown on TRICARE health plans and military hospitals and clinics.

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