Army G-6 Hero of the Quarter: Col. Todd Handy

By Dustin LawsonAugust 2, 2023

The office of the Army’s deputy chief of staff, G-6, congratulates our Hero of the Quarter for the third quarter of fiscal year 2023, Colonel Todd Handy. Col. Handy leads the G-6 Resource Integration and Programming Division, which is responsible for planning, programming and budgeting programs within the Army’s Digital Requirements and Resourcing Framework (DRRF).

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Col. Handy’s leadership and personal efforts resulted in the first ever DRRF submission for the Army’s Program Objective Memorandum (POM) in June 2023. He organized and coached his division, and leveraged the information and skill sets of other organizations, to achieve the proposal for the POM for fiscal years 2025-2029. The DRRF improves the overall prioritization and risk assessment of requirements and resources associated with digital transformation and the Army’s ability to operate and defend the Unified Network.

“It’s always great to be appreciated, but everything we do in the Army is a team effort. In any job, perhaps more so on a staff, coordination with others is essential,” Handy said. “It’s important to know what information others need from you, and what you need from them. Building good relationships and working well with others is the default position for any job.”

Through his expertise, Handy built understanding and support for the DRRF and was able to defend it during Army resourcing forums, highlighted by the Under Secretary of the Army’s decision to continue the DRRF effort for a second year.

An Indiana native, Handy enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve while attending high school in Alaska. Thanks to the people in his unit, he found his passion to serve and decided to volunteer for active duty.

“After three years on active duty, I was lucky enough to receive a Green-to-Gold ROTC scholarship, so I left active duty to go to college for three years,” he said. “Upon graduation, I returned to active duty as a Field Artillery Officer until I was a senior captain and selected to attend the Defense Comptrollership Program at Syracuse University.”

Later this year, Handy will mark his 30th year on active duty; showcasing a commitment to excellence that is noticed through his selection as Hero of the Quarter.

“Being in the G-6 means being part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts. From the DRRF to the Army Unified Network Plan, we are part of the future of the Army,” he said. “We are not observers to history, looking in from the outside. We are part of history.”