Interactive Customer Evaluation program drives continuous process improvement

By Christie Ambler, Fort Novosel Plan, Analysis, and Integration OfficeJuly 26, 2023

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The Interactive Customer Evaluation system is a Department of Defense web-based program that allows customers to provide feedback on services offered at Fort Novosel and is a driver for continuous process improvement.

Not all Fort Novosel service providers utilize ICE as a customer feedback system, but most garrison service providers are represented within ICE.


ICE provides immediate feedback ratings on facility appearance, employee and staff attitude, timeliness of service, hours of service, and whether or not the service meets the needs of the customer. ICE allows customers to recognize outstanding service, make recommendations for improvements and lets service providers know where they may have missed the mark.


ICE is not intended for internal employment complaints, to solicit business, to spread rumors, to make public announcements, to distribute spam or to communicate threats.


ICE comments that include feedback that a manager can act on are the most effective. These helpful comments include details such as who, what, when and where the incident took place, to include a complete summary of the submitter’s suggestion for improvement. By using these simple tips when submitting an ICE comment card, customers can provide thorough feedback that can be critical in making changes to services provided at Fort Novosel.


Leaving a way for managers to contact the ICE comment submitter is crucial to giving actionable feedback. When leaving an ICE comment, the form does not require customers to leave their name or other contact information and allows for anonymous feedback. While anonymity may be necessary in some cases, leaving contact information allows managers or leaders to reach out and contact customers for further clarification and allows for two-way communication.

If remaining anonymous is a concern, it is recommended customers utilize a personal e-mail address or phone number for questions and follow-up purposes.


The ICE form has an option for the customer to request a response from management. Asking for a response on an issue customers need help with ensures they will get the help they need. Customers seeking a response need to check the appropriate block in the ICE system. This will signal to leadership that customer follow-up is required. For example, if customers who submit an ICE comment regarding a problem with a PCS order don’t leave contact information, management can’t investigate their situation further, provide them a response or update them concerning their situation. It is Fort Novosel Garrison’s policy that if a response is requested and contact information is provided, customers will be contacted within three business days.


Whenever possible, customers should respond to the satisfaction questions on the form when sharing a comment. Satisfaction responses on the ICE system feed directly into the Army’s customer service tracking systems. Having honest and accurate feedback data feeding into rating systems helps Army leaders determine where additional resources are needed.


Submitting an ICE comment is quick, easy and can be done at any time from any computer or device with internet access. Customers can access the ICE link at, scan a QR code posted around post or utilize an ICE drop box. Garrison ICE boxes are checked every couple of days and details are entered into the ICE system exactly as they are written.


One of the trickiest parts of leaving good feedback on the ICE system is choosing the correct service provider. From, enter Fort Novosel in the initial search box. Then at the Fort Novosel installation portal, there is a second search bar to search for and choose the service provider. If customers do not see the service provider they are looking for, they should select the General Site Comment link and the Fort Novosel Garrison Plans, Analysis and Integration Office will re-direct their comment to the correct service provider.

PAIO is the installation’s proponent for the ICE system. ICE comments for partner organizations, such as the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Lyster Army Health Clinic, Logistics Readiness Center and Parker Elementary School, go to their respective service provider managers.

PAIO welcomes all questions, comments and concerns about the ICE system at Fort Novosel. For more information, call (334) 255-0853 or provide feedback at*DoD