Army Family Team Building Program enhances leadership skills at Fort Bliss

By Sgt. Jason HammondJune 9, 2023

FORT BLISS, Texas – The Army Family Team Building program conducted leadership development training on June 6, 2023, improving the participants’ knowledge and skills to become effective leaders.

The AFTB program provides invaluable training in self-mastery, aiming their efforts at servicemembers, Department of Defense workers and civilians, with the goal of fostering professional and effective leadership throughout Fort Bliss.

“We offer a multitude of valuable information and resources to Soldiers, their families and the community,” said Deana Garcia, the Soldier and Family Assistance Center director. “With me being prior service, I understand the importance of being a leader both in and out of the military.”

The AFTB has developed a curriculum that is effective for both servicemembers and civilians. It covers various topics, including the four basic styles of leadership, transformational leadership and its core competencies, coaching and mentoring techniques.

“Learning to be an effective leader is important in any organization, which is why we provide a wide range of information for our participants,” said Saramantha Wang, an AFTB educator. “In the Leadership Development training, we structured the material to benefit individuals both in and out of the military.”

The training focused on equipping leaders with the necessary skills to coach others effectively, manage teams efficiently, provide support to those in need, and implement proper delegation techniques. The leadership development training received substantial community participation.

“The turnout for this training was great, considering that it was scheduled during work hours,” Saramantha said. “I always find joy in helping others become better leaders and being a military spouse myself, I know how important that is to the Army.”

Training is continuously being developed by the AFTB. Information about their upcoming events can be found on their website.

“We are always planning numerous different trainings for our service members and the community,” Deana said. “Please check the calendar on our website and sign up for an upcoming training because we love supporting our service members.”