Professional Development and Career Progression for Auditors

By Jackie SmithMay 12, 2023

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Most auditors at the Army Audit Agency begin at the GS-7 or GS-9 level and are assigned to one of our field offices, where they are assigned a local sponsor.

Auditors complete a three-year developmental training program consisting of both structured classroom training and competency-based on-the-job training and are promoted one-grade level for each year of successful performance (GS-7, GS-9, and GS-11). Once training is complete, auditors are non-competitively promoted to the GS-12 auditor level.

After satisfactorily completing one year at the GS-12 level, employees are eligible to compete for GS-13 senior auditor positions that become available within the AAA. These opportunities are generally advertised at all of our field offices within the continental United States, so people don’t have to relocate to advance their careers!

Click here for information on OPM pay scales for salaries by GS grade and geographical location. Most new employees begin at Step 1 of the grade.

Career Path for Auditors

Senior Executive Service:
The Auditor General
Principal Deputy Auditor General
Deputy Auditor General of an Operational Directorate

Program Director

Audit Manager
Supervisory Auditor

Auditor-in-Charge, Senior Auditor


GS-7 through GS-11:
Staff Auditor