U.S. Army Audit Agency

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Agency Mission

The U.S. Army Audit Agency mission is to serve the Army's evolving needs by helping senior leaders assess and mitigate risk, and by providing solutions through independent internal auditing services, for the benefit of Army Soldiers, Civilians, and Families.

Agency Vision

To be a world-class audit organization of respected professionals that anticipates change and exceeds client expectations. As an integral part of the Army team, we will improve the Army by providing timely, value-added services and by fostering employee growth, innovation, integrity, and accountability.


  • Ms. Anne L. Richards The Auditor General Ms. Anne L. Richards


1 Joint Simulated Chemical Attack Training
2 Spartan Paratroopers Jump for Red Flag Exercise
3 Cadet Field Training Exercise
4 Army National Guard Conducted a Joint Paradrop Training Mission
5 Army Soldiers Complete Mission During Their Nine-Month Deployment
6 Soldiers and Sailors Participate in Global Medic Exercise
7 Army Reserve Soldiers Take the ACFT
8 Know Your Tasks: M17
9 The Golden Knights
10 What Does it Take to Become a Green Beret?
11 When Our Nation Calls
12 Twin Soldiers Receive Minuteman Scholarship
13 A Day in the Life
14 Army Engineers Participate in Demolition Training
15 America's Legacy
16 SMA Talks: This is My Squad (Episode 6)
17 DEFENDER-Europe 21 Success
18 Army Birthday Showcase
19 Unstoppable Army
20 Soldiers Share Moments from Marne Week
21 Behind the Uniform: Soldier and Civilian
22 Why Did You Join the Army?
23 Army Astronaut Takes ACFT in Space
24 We Honor the Fallen
25 Memorial Death March Carries Personal Connection
26 Behind the Uniform
27 Medal of Honor: Colonel Ralph Puckett Jr.
28 Utilizing Technology for Contact Tracing
29 Why I Serve: A Ranger's Story
30 Army Reserve Soldiers Participate in CORE-21
31 Soldier Shares Thoughts on Being a Hui Ha`a Team Instructor
32 25th Infantry Division Participates in the Best Ranger Competition
33 Chemical Company Soldiers Practice Decontamination Techniques
34 Teams Participate in Annual Sandhurst Military Competition
35 Soldier Lives Army Dream
36 Table 18: Battalion Level Field Artillery Training
37 Brats to Boots
38 Army Soldiers Participate in a Live Fire Exercise
39 Army Soldier Shares Story on Call to Service
40 Electronic Warfare Mission and Goals
41 Army Soldiers Discuss "This Is My Squad"
42 The National Guard Mission
43 Combat Medic Specialist Shares His Story
44 Guam Sisters at Arms
45 Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments 2021
46 Who We Are: Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade
47 Combat Medic Trains to Become Infantry Leader
48 MEDEVAC Crew Trains for Emergency Patient Movements
49 Know Your Tasks: M249 Machine Gun
50 Soldier Spotlight: Immigrant, Body-Builder, Soldier and Leader



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Open Announcements

The U.S. Army Audit Agency (USAAA) has no open announcements at this time. Please check back here soon, on LinkedIn, and on USAJOBS for future job opportunities.

Competency-Based Recruiting

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