U.S. Army Audit Agency

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Agency Mission

As an integral part of the Army team, we serve the Army's emerging needs by helping Army leaders assess and mitigate risk, and by providing solutions through independent internal auditing services for the benefit of Army Soldiers, Civilians, and Families.

Agency Vision

We are innovative, diverse professionals sought after by Army leaders to provide trusted, rapid solutions to turn today's risks into tomorrow's victories.


  • Ms. Anne L. Richards The Auditor General Ms. Anne L. Richards



Accessibility/Section 508 FOIA - You may email your FOIA requests to the USAAA FOIA Officer at: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-aaa.list.aaa-foia-liaison@mail.mil Whistleblower Information (Office of Special Counsel)

Open Announcements

The U.S. Army Audit Agency is currently accepting applications for a GS-511-13 Senior Auditor. Applications will be accepted until 22 October 2021 under the Direct Hire Authority (DHA) for FM Experts. Qualified applicants must meet the Office of Personnel Management’s eligibility and qualification criteria for GS-0511-13 Auditor positions including education requirements and demonstration of at least one year of specialized audit experience at the GS-12 level. Qualified candidates will be paneled against the Agency's competency-based recruitment criteria (below) for consideration by selecting officials. Duty Location: Fort Belvoir, VA *PCS is NOT authorized. *This positions requires a TOP SECRET clearance. Drug testing is required. Subject to random polygraph testing. Interested applicants should submit their transcripts, resume, last SF50 and last performance appraisal to usarmy.pentagon.hqda-aaa.mbx.recruiting@mail.mil NLT 22 October 2021. Resumes must clearly outline your experience and include your position title, series, grade and dates of service.

Competency-Based Recruiting

GS-0511-13 Senior Auditor GS-0511-14 Audit Manager GS-0511-15 Program Director Sample GS-0511-13 Resume Sample GS-0511-14 Resume