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The U.S. Army Audit Agency mission is to serve the Army's evolving needs by helping senior leaders assess and mitigate risk, and by providing solutions through independent internal auditing services, for the benefit of Army Soldiers, Civilians, and Families.


  • Ms. Anne L. Richards The Auditor General Ms. Anne L. Richards

Army Audit Agency Vision

To be a world-class audit organization of respected professionals that anticipates change and exceeds client expectations. As an integral part of the Army team, we will improve the Army by providing timely, value-added services and by fostering employee growth, innovation, integrity, and accountability.


1 Get to Know Warbirds
2 USASMDC Throws Football Around the World
3 A Message of Hope
4 Sgt. Maj. Thomas P. Payne: Master Valor
5 Army Assesses New UAS to Replace RQ-7B Shadow
6 Connect and Protect
7 Jungle Operations Training Course
8 First in Deed
9 National Guard Soldiers Participate in First Air Assault Course Since COVID-19
10 Women's Equality Day Recognizes Significance of Women in the Military
11 2020 Operation Ready Warrior: Mission Rehearsal Exercise
12 Soldiers Complete Helicopter Sniper Training
13 Military Police Participate in Shoot House Training
14 Military Police Basic Officer Training
15 "Hang it... Fire!"
16 King of Battle
17 General Support Aviation Battalion Train for Deployment
18 Sniper Platoon Conducts Sniper Gunnery
19 7th Engineer Dive Detachment's Recovery Mission
20 U.S. Army Best Warrior Competition 2020
21 US. Army Soldiers Participate in Lightning Forge
22 Army Futures Command Establishes Software Factory
23 U.S. Army Air and Missile Defense Command
24 MEDCoE Trinity Competition: Weapon Zero and Qualification Lane
25 Airborne Static Line and Free Fall Training
26 Spartan Engineers Train to Clear Obstacles on the Battlefield
27 Training Never Stops
28 Mission Complete: Spartan Brigade Jumps Into Guam
29 Multiple Launch Rocket System
30 Field Artillery Squadron Conducts Air Assault
31 2nd Infantry Division Best Warrior Competition 2020
32 U.S. Army Cavalry Conducts eNVG Field Testing
33 New U.S. Army Recruits Prepare for Basic Training
34 This is Army Futures Command
35 U.S. Army Soldiers Participate in Exercise Allied Spirit
36 Why I Serve
37 Juneteenth 2020
38 U.S. Army Supports Diversity Awareness
39 Army Birthday Wishes From U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command
40 Let’s not just talk about it – Let’s BE ABOUT IT
41 The Sabalauski Air Assault School Command Team
42 Operation Lightning Purge: 25th Infantry Division Divestment Rodeo
43 The 75th Ranger Regiment Ministry Team
44 U.S. Army Chief of Staff: We Are Listening
45 Fort Hunter Liggett Air Operations
46 Excalibur Round Precision Hit From 65 kilometers at U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground
47 Call to Serve
48 Command Sergeant Major Discusses his Resiliency on Immigrating to U.S. From Vietnam
49 The Making of Armor and Cavalry Officers and Soldiers
50 Memorial Day: Commemorate the Sacrifices of Our Soldiers

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  • GS-0511-13 Senior Auditor GS-0511-14 Audit Manager GS-0511-15 Program Director

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