Southeast Georgia leaders get fired up, learn about installation
Firefighter Austin Williams explains the use of the Jaws of Life to tour participant Chris Fletcher, Director of Public Affairs, Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield. During the tour participants had the opportunity to visit one Fort Stewart’s fire stations to learn about fire and law enforcement capabilities and community partnerships. (U.S. Army photo by Dina McKain) (Photo Credit: Molly Cooke) VIEW ORIGINAL

Forty members of Leadership Southeast visited Fort Stewart March 9 as part of the Leadership Georgia program.

Leadership Georgia is a multi-tiered program for business, civic and community leaders with a goal of networking and working together to make a better Georgia at all levels. The program begins at the lowest level with the local chambers of commerce county leadership courses. Participants learn about their county’s education system, health care, municipal planning and military impact. Graduates of county leadership classes are then eligible to apply for Leadership Southeast which is a regional program. Leadership Southeast immerses participants in much the same way but covers the ten county region of coastal Georgia.

Southeast Georgia leaders get fired up, learn about installation
Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Commander, Col. Manny Ramirez, welcomes members of Leadership Southeast Georgia, giving the class an overview of the installation’s mission and capabilities. (U.S. Army photo by Molly Cooke) (Photo Credit: Molly Cooke) VIEW ORIGINAL

Fort Stewart-Hunter Army airfield Garrison Commander, Col. Manny Ramirez invites these classes to the installation annually to learn of the regional impact of the military.

“Our intent is to familiarize leadership classes with our installation and Soldiers, the history and the mission of Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield and the 3rd Infantry Division,” he said.

Southeast Georgia leaders get fired up, learn about installation
Interim Fort Stewart Fire Chief Al Sisco explains to participants about training and equipment and how they use community partnerships for mutual response and training. (U.S. Army photo by Eddie Blackmon) (Photo Credit: Edward Blackmon) VIEW ORIGINAL

Guests started the day with a command brief given by Ramirez. He explained the maneuver space and training capability and ability to deploy Soldiers and equipment anywhere in the world rapidly – making Stewart-Hunter the Army’s premier power projection platform. He noted that most Soldiers and their Families live in communities the attendees represented. He thanked them for helping take care of those Families, adding Soldiers were able to concentrate on their mission knowing their Families were being taken care of at home.

Southeast Georgia leaders get fired up, learn about installation
Sgt. Timothy Ohoulahan, 293rd MP Co. instructs LSEGA class member Kathryn Johnson how to properly hold an M4 Carbine when preparing to fire the weapon. Visitors learned that Soldiers practice firing their small arms weapons at the EST virtually before going to the training range. (U.S. Army photo by Dina McKain) (Photo Credit: Dina McKain) VIEW ORIGINAL

Guests also learned about the Emergency Operations Center and partnerships the installation has developed to make the operation successful during crisis situations. Other stops included the Directorate of Emergency Services Fire Station 1, the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Engagement Skills Trainer, and lunch at a dining facility. At each location they learned about the basic mission, resources, capabilities, training, and partnership opportunities.

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