Data-Enabled Decision-Making

By CPT Gnodle, Mark Andrew, LTC Verran, Dale and Published by Center for Army Lessons LearnedFebruary 7, 2023

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The U.S. Army must exceed the pace of our adversaries at our ability to exploit and process data to drive decision-making; decision-making then becomes the focal point for why data is critical. The decisions that need to be made should be used to determine the warfighter’s data needs and not the reverse.

A gap exists in achieving shared understanding between data collectors, data presentation, and the warfighters who leverage the data to enable decision-making. This gap creates a mismatch between the quantity and relevance of the data made available. Data acquisition and presentation without an understanding of the decision-making process and the commander’s information requirements fails to prioritize relevant data over quantity.

The negative impact of the mismatch hampers the warfighter’s ability to process, analyze, and exploit data for decision-making. Today, we receive more data than is humanly possible to process into information or analyze into knowledge. Closing the gap optimizes the solutions developed to improve the Army's data culture to enable decision-making.

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