Dülmen Tower Barracks Town Hall Summary, Jan. 19, 2023

By Meredith MulvihillJanuary 20, 2023

Dülmen Town Hall
Representatives from U.S. Army Garrison Benelux and the 470th Air Base Squadron brief during a Town Hall at Dülmen Tower Barracks, Germany, Jan. 19, 2023. During the event, representatives highlighted updates to key support services and answered questions from community members. (U.S. Army photo by Julie Piron, USAG Benelux Public Affairs. (Photo Credit: Julie Piron) VIEW ORIGINAL

Dülmen Tower Barracks, Germany – Senior leaders from U.S. Army Garrison Benelux held a town hall at Dülmen Tower Barracks on Jan. 19, 2023.

USAG Benelux Commander Col. Lindsay R. Matthews and Dülmen Tower Barracks Site Manager Daniel Jones hosted the event alongside representatives from multiple USAG Benelux directorates, TRICARE and the 470th Air Base Squadron at Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany.

In addition to answering questions from the audience, representatives highlighted key support services and updates for the installation.

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) Comment System

Dülmen Tower Barracks recently initiated the ICE comment system for select services on the installation.

ICE is a Department of Defense (DoD)-wide tool that collects feedback on installation services through customer-submitted “comment cards.” The system is designed to improve customer support by allowing managers to monitor the satisfaction levels of their provided services through customer reports, comments, and suggestions.

Customers who wish to submit a comment card can choose to do so anonymously, or can request a response to their feedback by including their name and contact information.

Comment cards for Dülmen Tower Barracks can be submitted online though the ICE website for the following services: Provost Marshall Office, Housing Services and the Site Manager. The system is also available for services at other USAG Benelux locations, with a full list located on the website.

Postal Service Operations

Mail delivery and U.S. Postal Service Click-N-Ship collection services for Dülmen Tower Barracks are currently provided every Thursday from noon to 3 p.m. through the Postal Services Center at USAG Benelux-Brunssum, the Netherlands. The USAG Benelux-Brunssum team can also be contacted throughout the week for postal information, assistance, in- and out-processing support and to register to receive package delivery notifications.

The garrison is currently looking into ways to expand postal services for Dülmen community members, with the long-term goal of establishing an on-site Postal Service Center.

Information on international and military shipping requirements, as well as contact information for the USAG Benelux-Brunssum Postal Services Center, can be found on the garrison website.

UPDATE: Housing Support Services

Dülmen Tower Barracks does not have on-site housing assistance, however limited support is available through the USAG-Benelux Brunssum Housing Services Office.

Current services provided to the Dülmen community include in- and out-processing assistance, Temporary Living Allowance support, lease renewals, establishing utility contracts, negotiating military clauses for private leases and help correcting health and safety issues in a rented property.

The Housing Services Office is working to provide more robust services for Dülmen Tower Barracks through the establishment of locally-contracted real estate representatives.

The USAG Benelux-Brunssum Housing Services Office can be contacted by commercial phone at +31 (0) 45-534-0149 or +31 (0) 45-534-0150 or by email at usarmy.benelux-brunssum.id-europe.mbx.dpw-hso@army.mil.

Vehicle Registration Services

On Oct. 1, 2022, Vehicle Registration support for Dülmen Tower Barracks transitioned from Sembach Kaserne to Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base. Run by the 470th Air Base Squadron, the office handles driver’s licenses, initial vehicle registrations, renewals/updates, vehicle de-registration and transit/shipping license plates.

All appointments (to include turning in German license plates) must be completed in person.

In order to help ensure a smooth appointment, the Vehicle Registration Office provides the following recommendations:

  • When requesting a driver’s license, wait at least 48 hours after completing all required Army JKO “Driving in Germany” exams to make sure the results have populated in the system
  • Bring original paper copies of all forms
  • Make sure to bring proof of German automobile insurance – either a double white insurance card (“Deckungskarte”) or an electronic transmission from the insurance company showing coverage
  • If moving from another European location, make sure vehicles are properly de-registered from the previous installation

Be aware of vehicle registration limits:

  • Single/Unaccompanied personnel are limited to two Privately Owned Vehicles and one Recreational vehicle
  • Married/Accompanied personnel are limited to three Privately Owned Vehicles and two Recreational vehicles

The 470th Air Base Squadron Vehicle Registration Office can be contacted by phone at DSN: 314-458-4476 or Commercial: +49 (0) 2451-9151-4476.

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

AFAP is designed to identify and elevate quality-of-life issues to senior leaders for action and resolution. Submissions can range from localized garrison matters to issues that affect the wider Army and DoD population.

Over 560 issues have been solved through AFAP since the program’s inception in 1983. Some examples of suggestions implemented Army-wide include Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (B.O.S.S.), School Liaison Officers and the DoD Thrift Savings Plan retirement program.

AFAP issues can be submitted online through the Army’s Issue Management System. More information and assistance with formatting AFAP issues is available through the garrison’s Army Community Service offices.

TRICARE Overseas Program

Since there is no U.S. Medical Treatment Facility within 40 miles of Dülmen Tower Barracks, TRICARE beneficiaries at the installation fall under the Münster TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas location for medical services. Primary administrative support for TRICARE Remote locations, to include enrollments and medical care authorizations, falls under International SOS.

Service members looking to receive non-emergency medical care should contact International SOS for an authorization and assistance in locating a local service provider. Authorizations are not necessary for emergency care, however the International SOS should be contacted as soon as possible to facilitate payments and follow-up support.

TRICARE beneficiaries in the Dülmen Tower Barracks/Münster area can use local pharmacies to fill medication subscriptions. In order to receive reimbursement for the medication, the beneficiary must submit a claim the online TRICARE claims portal.

Dental care for Active-Duty service members and Families stationed overseas is supplied through United Concordia. Service members looking to receive non-emergency dental services are required to have an Appointment Control Number before seeking non-emergency care, and should contact United Concordia at +1 866-984-2337 or on their website.

TRICARE Overseas and International SOS provides language assistance and translation assistance for beneficiaries. Language assistance can be provided in real-time for appointments by contacting the Overseas Program Regional Direct/International SOS customer service center at +44 (0) 20-8762-8384. International SOS can also translate medical records prior to uploading them into the TRICARE beneficiary’s health record.

U.S. personnel using host nation providers should be aware that the medical care offered may vary slightly from the U.S. due to language and cultural differences. Common differences can include facility infrastructure, heath car staff roles/responsibilities, pain management options, child vaccination schedules and labor and delivery care.

TRICARE Overseas beneficiaries who experience payment issues or have concerns about the quality of their medical care can submit a complaint to the TRICARE and International SOS by emailing TOPGlobalQualityAssu@internationalsos.com.

To enroll in the TRICARE Prime Remote program, beneficiaries can contact the TRICARE Overseas Program Regional Direct service center. More information on the TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas program and International SOS can be found on the TRICARE Overseas website or through the MyCare Overseas app.

Dülmen community members can also reach out to their installation’s TRICARE points-of-contact for assistance.


UPDATE: U.S. Postal Service mailing boxes are only available on Dülmen Tower Barracks during mail pick-up hours once a week. Is there any way to provide boxes for Dülmen community members to use outside of those hours?

On a test basis, flat-rate boxes will be provided for Dülmen Tower Barracks outside of mail pick-up hours. The boxes will be replenished by the USAG Benelux-Brunssum Postal Services Center team during their weekly mail visits.

Additionally, Dülmen community members who need multiple boxes can contact the USAG-Benelux Brunssum Postal Services Center to have some set aside for personal pick-up during the next mail delivery date.

What is the process for letter mail delivery at Dülmen Tower Barracks?

Along with packages, letter mail is delivered to the installation every Thursday from noon to 3 p.m. If an individual doesn’t pick up mail during that time, it has to be returned to the USAG Benelux-Brunssum Postal Services Center.

In order to reduce the amount of mail being returned, Dülmen community members are encouraged to notify the Postal Service Center if they will be TDY or on leave. Members can also register their email address to receive notifications when packages are available for pick-up.

Is there a postal scale available for Dülmen Tower Barracks community members to use?

There is a postal scale available on Dülmen Tower Barracks during the weekly mail pick-up hours. A laptop and printer are also available during this time for Dülmen community members who are unable to print Click-N-Ship labels at home.

UPDATE: Is there a process available for Dülmen Tower Barracks community members to designate someone to pick up mail on their behalf (i.e. co-worker, friend, etc.)?

Dülmen community members looking to designate a secondary individual to pick up mail for them should fill out a PS Form 3801 (Standing Delivery Order) and an official post office. More information about this process will be sent out via a Public Service Announcement.

Can Dülmen Tower Barracks community members still register cars or pick up license plates through the vehicle registration office at Sembach Kaserne?

Vehicle registration support is still available at Sembach Kaserne, however they request that you work through the Vehicle Registration Office at Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base first.

Is there a list of TRICARE providers in the area that can be given to Dülmen community members?

Prior authorization is required to use medical providers in the area, so unfortunately TRICARE is not able to provide a list for Dülmen community members to contact the providers directly. TRICARE beneficiaries who need medical care should instead contact International SOS to receive an authorization for a local provider.

Are there any TRICARE network providers for the Dülmen Tower Barracks/Münster area? If not, is there a way to establish network providers in the area?

All TRICARE providers in the Dülmen Tower Barracks/Münster area are considered non-network participating providers. This means the provider agrees to provide cash-less, claim-less service for TRICARE beneficiaries, however has not accepted a full TRICARE contract. Non-network participating providers will not appear when searching for service on the TRICARE Overseas website or the MyCare Overseas app.

International SOS is tasked with establishing local fully contracted network providers whenever possible, however the process depends on the willingness of local medical services to accept the full contract. Non-network participating providers are still required to meet TRICARE’s quality standards for medical care.

UPDATE: How long should it take for beneficiaries to receive support for the following International SOS services:

Receive an appointment for access to medical care?

International SOS is required to make their best effort to meet the following benchmarks for care:

  • Emergency care support – available 24/7
  • Acute care appointments – available within 24 hours
  • Routine care appointments – available within seven calendar days
  • Wellness care appointments – available within four weeks
  • Specialty care appointments – available within four weeks (or per provider   designation)

Appointment locations should be within a 60 minutes' drive from the sponsor’s duty location for specialty care and a 30 minutes’ drive for all other care.

Receive translation results after submitting a request?

International SOS is required to provide, accurate, certified written translations of the source material into English within 10 business days after receipt for routine medical requests and within two business days for urgent requests.

They are also required to pursue and obtain, to the maximum extent possible within host-nation privacy laws, all medical documentation for Tricare Prime Remote Overseas beneficiaries following outpatient visits to a primary service care provider. These documents are to be translated and uploaded into the government system within 30 days of the visit.

Receive reimbursements for payments made out-of-pocket for medical/dental care?

For medical care, International SOS is required to complete 90% of retained and adjustment claims within 30 days after receipt. They are required to complete 100% of retained, excluded and adjusted claims within 90 calendar days of receipt.

Dental claim timelines fall under United Concordia and are available at 1-844-653-4058.

Receive a response back after filing a grievance?

International SOS is required to investigate the grievance and document the results within 60 calendar days of receipt.

UPDATE: What are the requirements for someone to be designated as a TRICARE Point-of-Contact at Dülmen?

TRICARE points-of-contact can be Active Duty service members, General Service employees or local national employees. In order to be designated a point-of-contact, a request must be submitted to the Tricare Area Office – Eurasia Africa by the individual’s Commander with an appointment letter and valid copy of the individual’s HIPAA training certificate.

On-site TRICARE points-of-contact should assist beneficiaries with completing their enrollment in the Tricare Prime Remote Overseas program and filing claims, provide TRICARE updates to beneficiaries and provide contact information for scheduling appointments.

UPDATE: What is the process for notifying International SOS of a shortage of providers in the Dülmen Tower Barracks/Münster area?

International SOS conducts a site assessment visit to all designated remote locations every three years. During the visit they meet with both local providers and the TRICARE points-of-contact to gain a better understanding of the current network and challenges for the area.

In addition to the site visits, on-site TRICARE points-of-contact can communicate gaps in services to the Tricare Area Office – Eurasia Africa, which will then route the concerns to International SOS.

The strongest tool available to highlight gaps in local provider services is for beneficiaries to file detailed reports on provider visits to the TRICARE and International SOS grievance/compliment system at TOPGlobalQualityAssu@internationalsos.com. Both positive and negative comments allow International SOS to gain a better understanding of how the local network works for beneficiaries on a daily basis.