Logistics Times - December 2022

By HQDA, G-4December 19, 2022

The G-4 is thrilled to announce the release of the December 2022 issue of Logistics Times, our biannual publication of the latest news and commentary from our professional logistics NCO Corps. This edition focuses on:

  • Preparing multi-functional Sustainment NCOs for large-scale combat operations through training, education, and mentorship,
  • Recognizing sustainment excellence in our ranks through lessons learned from this year's Combined Logistics Excellence Awards winners, and
  • Ways to maintain persistent readiness through peer relationship building and self-assessment.

Other topics include overviews of industry-based broadening opportunities and ways to leverage the Whole Soldier Counseling concept to develop successful Army leaders.

Logistics Times complements the G-4’s existing NCO newsletter, The Snapshot, by providing a strategic, functional, and educational forum ensuring the Army’s Sustainment NCOs are ready to advance their careers while preparing to deploy, fight, and win our Nation’s wars!

Log Times - December 2022.pdf [PDF - 10.6 MB]

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