Army medical materiel center in Korea recognized for strong safety culture

By C.J. LovelaceOctober 17, 2022

USAMMC-K safety
1 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – A worker in the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Korea distribution warehouse prepares a pallet of medical materiel for delivery to a customer. USAMMC-K was recently recognized for its strong safety culture with the U.S. Army Safety Excellence Streamer, which requires zero incidents in the past 12 months and 100% participation in required risk management training. (Photo Credit: Ellen Crown) VIEW ORIGINAL
U.S. Army Safety Excellence awards
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Korea has earned the U.S. Army Safety Excellence Streamer, as pictured here during a March 2022 ceremony hosted by another unit based in the Republic of Korea. The achievement recognizes 12 consecutive months without an incident and 100% participation in required risk management training for the past 24 months. (Photo Credit: Courtesy/Spc. Oscar Toscano) VIEW ORIGINAL

CAMP CARROLL, Republic of Korea -- In the U.S. Army, the mission comes first, but success hinges on the performance and wellbeing of a unit’s people, making safety a top priority simultaneously.

The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Korea has embodied that mindset as it recently earned the U.S. Army Safety Excellence Streamer, signifying 12 consecutive months without a Soldier/unit at-fault Class A or B incident, which are loosely defined as severe accidents to personnel or property. It also requires 100% participation in required risk management courses among its personnel within the last 24 months.

To recognize the achievement, USAMMC-K will receive the banner -- a green ribbon with two white stripes and a white embroidered inscription that reads “SAFETY EXCELLENCE” -- to be displayed with its unit colors.

“This is a great honor and reflects USAMMC-K’s commitment to safety,” said Choe, Chae-hun, the center’s safety manager. “The Army Safety Excellence Streamer is presented to organizations that prove their efforts to Army readiness.”

USAMMC-K, a direct reporting unit to Army Medical Logistics Command, serves as the theater lead agent for medical materiel, or TLAMM, for military and joint forces operating throughout the Korean Peninsula.

With a workforce of about 60 people, the unit provides direct medical materiel support for theater medical forces, ensures and assists tactical units are integrated in other end-to-end supply chain, and assists combatant commands in health logistics support planning.

AMLC Safety Manager Ralph Davis said it’s a significant achievement for any organization.

“It’s a big deal,” Davis said. “It means that the unit has an outstanding safety program and that they have developed a safety culture. We’re proud of USAMMC-K’s commitment to safety and this achievement.”

Choe attributed the achievement to USAMMC-K’s commitment to safety “from top to bottom” of its workforce, adding that people have been encouraged to be open and transparent about safety concerns should they arise. In fact, direct employee feedback has led to several investigations into potentially hazardous situations that has helped leadership stay ahead and mitigate different safety threats.

“It is such an enjoyable experience to work with a safety-oriented command group and employees who are willing to invest their time and effort in our safety culture,” Choe said. “We focus on safe practices every day. This streamer is a recognition of everyone’s efforts.”