Project Convergence 2022 to demonstrate futuristic joint, multinational warfighting technologies

By Army Futures CommandSeptember 19, 2022

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AUSTIN, Texas — Several thousand U.S., U.K. and Australian service members, researchers and industry partners will experiment with and assess new technologies at U.S. military installations across the Western U.S. between September and November as part of Project Convergence 2022.

The expansive effort is the newest endeavor of the U.S. Army’s Project Convergence, a flagship modernization learning, experimentation and demonstration campaign. The Army led its first large-scale Project Convergence experiment in 2020, and has continued to grow the scope, scale and complexity of the event annually.

“Project Convergence 2022 is an all-service experiment that includes Special Operations Forces, and our U.K. and Australian partners. Using existing and emerging technologies from space to land and sea, PC22 will experiment with capabilities that protect against air and missile threats as well as those that will allow us to defeat anti-access defenses,” said Lt. Gen. Scott McKean, director of Project Convergence 2022. McKean explained Project Convergence 2022 incorporates service experimentation and learning, like the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System and the Navy’s Project Overmatch, to inform Joint All-Domain Command and Control development. Logistics capabilities will also play a central role in PC22.

Project Convergence 2022 will evaluate approximately 300 technologies, including long-range fires, unmanned aerial systems, autonomous fighting vehicles and next-generation sensors, and focus on advancing Joint and Multinational interoperability in future operational environments.

The event will also encompass the inaugural PC22 Technology Gateway, an industry engagement opportunity hosted by U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command that will kick off experimentation by assessing novel solutions available from the commercial sector.

“Having Tech Gateway as part of the Project Convergence series gives us the opportunity to assess new technologies against operational concepts and see what’s in the realm of the possible; what could be. Such experimentation informs possible future Army requirements, provides valuable feedback and increases the speed of learning as we strive for breakthrough technologies of the future,” said Lt. Gen. Thomas H. Todd III, deputy commanding general for Acquisition & Systems and the chief innovation officer at U.S. Army Futures Command.

The Joint Force and Multinational partners will utilize key learning and experimentation outcomes from Project Convergence 2022 to hone new military technologies, many of which offer state-of-the-art problem solving and network integration capabilities for the future fight.


Media Opportunities:

Project Convergence 2022 offers showcase events open to registered media attendees on Oct. 17 at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona; Oct. 20 at Camp Pendleton, California; and Nov. 9 at Fort Irwin, California.

Media may also request to observe experimentation at Camp Pendleton and Fort Irwin during the windows of Oct. 11–16 and Nov. 1–6, respectively. At Camp Pendleton, media will be able to engage subject matter experts about the development of a Common Operating Picture and gain insights on the Joint/Multinational integrated fire control network, employment of Joint offensive fires and effects, and Joint Logistics in a Contested Environment. At Fort Irwin, media will have the opportunity to speak with Soldiers and leaders from the 1st Cavalry Division, U.K. and Australian forces about their experimentation with new robotic devices, sensors, imaging and fires capabilities in a field setting; engage the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and multinational experts on drone swarms; and elicit feedback from the Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicles Cross-Functional Team on autonomous combat vehicle operations.

Media interested in attending Project Convergence demonstration delivery days and observation window events at Camp Pendleton and/or Fort Irwin should email

Media interested in attending the PC22 Technology Gateway media day at Yuma Proving Ground on Oct. 17 should email

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