ArmyU elevates digital education

By Harrison SarlesAugust 31, 2022

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JOINT BASE LANGLEY-EUSTIS, Va.--Mike Holt is now the Army University Vice Provost for Digital Education. Army University Provost, Brig. Gen. David C. Foley made the appointment Aug. 9, designating the former Directorate of Distributed Learning as the Office of the Vice Provost for Digital Education.

Holt said his organization, “will advance and support digital education initiatives across Army enterprise schools and centers of excellence, providing a framework to facilitate internal and external collaboration and partnerships, incubating new ideas and projects, and spur technological innovation in the Army online and hybrid education efforts. This broadening and rebranding will not affect the organization’s oversight and management of The Army Distributed Learning Program.”

The Vice Provost for Digital Education continues the mission to support the development of professional leaders by providing rigorous, relevant, and tailored digital training and education to Soldiers, leaders, and Army Civilian Professionals at the point of need from a responsive and accessible delivery capability.

The new Vice Provost for Digital Education accomplishes this through 1) management of governance, plans, and policies for the Army’s Distributed Learning Program; 2) management and oversight of the Army’s centralized contract for digital education; 3) publication and management of content standards and specifications; and 4) development and fielding of mobile training and education products.

“Today’s Soldiers, leaders and Army civilians find themselves in situations that are far more uncertain, complex and dangerous than ever before,” said Holt. “Their ability to survive and to win America’s wars is increasingly dependent on an active, dedicated community of educators and training professionals providing effective, modern instructional models that are user-friendly, pliant and adaptable via distributed learning to changing mission requirements.”

Working closely with Army learning proponents, located at Fort Eustis, the digital education office is a vital arm of the Combined Arms Center and Army University’s effort to modernize learning. Elevating the office to Vice Provost status puts it at the same level as other Army University enterprise offices that impact professional military education Army-wide.

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