22-729 Army Security Force Assistance Newsletter

By Center for Army Lessons Learn and Security Force Assistance Proponent (SFAP)July 14, 2022

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SFA Newsletter compiled by the Army SFA Proponent. This newsletter is a collection of seven articles published on open sources covering various topics related to security force assistance operations.


The Army’s Security Force Assistance Proponent (SFAP) is thrilled to partner with CALL on this Newsletter. This newsletter addresses a topic whose importance is highlighted on the fields and forests of Ukraine and is of significant importance to the United States Army.

Recent events in the Ukraine demonstrate that in an era of great power competition, there are times where Security Cooperation may become the decisive operation. Security Force Assistance, by strategic necessity, has become the tool to both deter our adversaries prior to conflict, and to strengthen our allies and partners before and during large scale combat operations.

The crisis in Ukraine establishes that SFA is now more important than ever. Our competitors at every level are seeking informational, geopolitical and geographic advantage in order to challenge the U.S. and our allies and partners across the globe. The Army is rapidly modernizing and organizing itself to fight these threats centered around the Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) concept, but the United States Army cannot do this alone. Without the assistance of our allies and partners, victory is not assured.

Harnessing the power of the SFA enterprise will allow us to strengthen our alliances and partnerships by building partner capability, capacity, and interoperability. As we move for- ward, the Army must expand the competitive space -- applying our capabilities or posturing our forces in coordination with our allies and partners to achieve U.S. policy objectives while deterring escalation. SFA is a unique Army capability that can facilitate those objectives and support Army operations across the continuum.

Optimizing the SFA enterprise to assess, build, and leverage the capacity, capability, and interoperability of our allies and partners is essential to success. Crucial to that is understanding ourselves. The articles in this newsletter will help us do just that.

The crisis in Ukraine and Europe demonstrate that the stakes are indeed very high. Security cooperation and SFA are key tools in the Theater Army and Geographic Combatant commander’s inventory of options to achieve U.S. policy and strategic objectives. With that in mind, it is our hope that these articles will enhance your understanding of security force assistance.


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