Cleaning way to next Permanent Change of Station

By Christy GrahamMay 10, 2022

Cleaning way to next Permanent Change of Station
1 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Cleaning the stove and behind and under the stove are important steps to take before you PCS. (Photo Credit: Angie Thorne) VIEW ORIGINAL
Cleaning way to next Permanent Change of Station
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Keeping an oven-cleaning routine helps to keep a small chore from becoming a big job if left untouched. (Photo Credit: Angie Thorne) VIEW ORIGINAL

Moving is hard; I know because I’ve moved — a lot. Over the last seven years, we’ve moved into and out of nine different homes, executing both military- and civilian-type moves.

We’ve packed, tossed and reminisced over countless trinkets and door jams with our kids’ heights.

But, at this point, I feel like a bit of an expert at picking up and building a new home wherever life takes us. (“Us” being my husband, Gregory, and our kids Madison, Lucine, Levi, Leia and Jack.)

I’ve learned to spread my packing days over a period of time (with the moving date in mind, obviously). I start with the lowest-priority items, like anything hanging on our walls, and I try to leave the most used areas for last (like the kitchen).

As moving day approaches, I throw spices into our crock pot (as this helps contain any potential spillage), roll fragile dinnerware up in moving paper (or towels), and commit to paper goods and precooked meals for the final day or two before a move.

When it comes to cleaning, however, I rely on the sage advice of my good friend, Jennifer Diaz, owner of a home based business, for the best tips to leave a place sparkling and make ready a new home.

As her business has her working in and around the Fort Polk area, I asked her to share some cleaning tips for moving into or out of a home.

“As a military spouse of 14 years, I can assure you I have been through this process of moving in and out of installations several times. When it comes to cleaning, I tend to live by the rule, ‘leave it better than when you found it,’” Diaz said.

For kitchens, Diaz suggests to move refrigerators and ovens out of their place to clean underneath the appliance at least twice a year.

“A simple sweep and mop with your choice of cleaner will do the trick to free any unwanted debris,” she said.

“For the ovens,” she said, “a cleaning pumice stone or a tad of oven cleaner from time to time helps to keep up with something that can turn into a big job if left untouched.”

Similarly, Diaz suggests regularly wiping out the inside of a refrigerator, especially if there have been any spills.

“Nobody wants to clean bathrooms, but it’s a job that needs to get done. I feel like hard water is always an issue (no matter where you live), but a good powder cleaner works well on those stains,” she said.

They can usually handle any kind of hard water, soap scum or rust issues, said Diaz.

“As a military spouse and (Home-Based Business) approved cleaner for Fort Polk, I can promise that if you keep up with these areas, it will ensure a peaceful move-out clean and ease the mind of newly arriving tenants.”