Logistics Times - May 2022

By HQDA, G-4May 5, 2022

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The G-4 is delighted to announce the release of the May 2022 issue of Logistics Times, our biannual publication of the latest news and commentary from our professional logistics NCO Corps. This edition focuses on:

  • The Sustainment NCO Initiatives which are nested within the Army NCO Strategy and translate what a multifunctional NCO must be, know, and do,
  • The goal of the Initiatives Guide which is to ensure Sustainment NCOs are laser focused on being highly trained, disciplined, and fit, and
  • The four lines of effort in the Sustainment NCO Initiatives which are nested with Army Senior Leader priorities.

Other topics include an overview of the services Soldiers and their Families can access through our many Army Wellness Centers, both at home and abroad, and an exploration of cohesive team building through Green Platoon integration.

Logistics Times complements the G-4’s existing NCO newsletter, The Snapshot, by providing a strategic, functional, and educational forum ensuring the Army’s Sustainment NCOs are ready to advance their careers while preparing to deploy, fight, and win our Nation’s wars.

Logistics Times - Spring 2022.pdf [PDF - 10.8 MB]