Unit celebrates 597th Years of combined service to SDDC

By Julie A KelemenApril 22, 2022

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Logistics data provides the tools Army decision-makers need to support readiness and modernization initiatives to move us from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. Sometimes, that data may provide surprising results.

While compiling a spreadsheet capturing the headquarters brigade staff years of service to the military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, it was discovered that there was a total of 597 combined years of service between the Department of the Army Civilians at the 597th Transportation Brigade.

It was unexpected because there are only 37 DA civilians on staff, according to John Hanson, deputy commander.

The years of service at the SDDC for each individual ranged from 47 years to 2 years with an average of 15.71 years. The total federal years of service for the group is 1090.

The brigade started out as the 1303 Major Port Command in Sunny Point, N.C. It was renamed the 597th Transportation Terminal Group in October 1997. Then, in 2001, it was renamed the 597th Transportation Group (Terminal).

On March 10, 2010 the Center of Military History's Force Structure and Unit History Branch approved changing the names of the 597th, along with the 598th, 599th, 596th, and 595th from Transportation Terminal Groups to Transportation Surface Brigades. The change from Terminal to Surface sought to reflect the reality that the Groups had regularly deployed to conduct operations.

The 597th Transportation Brigade is a part of the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, responsible for integrating and synchronizing surface deployment and distribution capabilities in the Continental U.S, deploying and sustaining the Armed Forces off the East and Gulf coasts in support of global operations and U.S. Southern Command.

Additionally, the command stands ready to provide surface rapid port opening capabilities via the Army’s only three Rapid Port Opening Elements in support of its global Joint Task Force Port Opening mission.