U.S. Army releases DCGS-A Increment 2 'request for proposals'

By U.S. Army Public AffairsDecember 23, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- (December 23, 2015) The U.S. Army released the 'request for proposals' today for the next increment of the Distributed Common Ground System - Army, known as DCGS-A. Interested vendors will develop proposals for the next-generation system with submissions due by February 8, 2016. The contract is anticipated to be awarded in the fourth quarter, fiscal year 2016 at a value of approximately $206 million.

DCGS-A is the U.S. Army's primary system for posting of data, processing of information, and disseminating intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information about the threat, weather, and terrain. The system contributes to visualization and situational awareness, thereby enhancing tactical maneuver, maximizing combat power and enhancing soldiers' ability to operate in an unpredictable and changing environment.

The U.S. Army collaborated closely with both users and vendors over a period of 15 months to conduct extensive market research and gather user feedback to inform and develop the requirements for Increment 2, which aims to improve the tools currently used by soldiers to analyze, process, and visualize information on the battlefield. In an effort to provide soldiers with an effective and affordable next-generation system, the DCGS-A Increment 2 strategy will maximize competition among commercial vendors and harvest the best technologies to support the timely, secure, and effective exchange of intelligence information.

The U.S. Army is committed to providing soldiers with the best tools and technology available, and will pursue a full and open competition to develop, test and produce the next generation of this critical intelligence software system.

The request for proposal may be found on the Federal Business Opportunities website at www.fbo.gov.

For more information please contact Army Public Affairs, Lt. Col. Jesse Stalder at 703-693-5084 or Dave Foster at 703-697-5344.