2022 LTG Arthur J. Gregg Sustainment Leadership Award Nomination and Selection Detail

By HQDA, G-4April 22, 2022

The G-4 established the LTG Arthur J. Gregg Sustainment Leadership Award in 2015 to annually recognize individuals who made significant and measurable contributions to Army sustainment operations. In years past, the honor has been reserved for one individual; however, the award has been expanded for 2022 and beyond to most effectively recognize demonstrated technical and personal excellence.

This year, we’ve created three distinct categories, within which any given ACOM, ASCC, and DRU can nominate one individual. This means that up to three total nominations can be submitted per command. The categories are as follows:

1.    Officer – one U.S. Army Logistics Officer, Warrant Officer, or Noncommissioned Officer (all COMPOS included)

2.    Civilian – one Department of Defense/Department of the Army Civilian (all COMPOS included)

3.    Legacy – one retired civilian or veteran who met the criteria set forth in the first two categories during their service

The nomination submission window for 2022 has been open since late-February and has been extended through 14 JUN. A detailed description of the selection criteria, documents needed to complete a submission packet for each nominee, and an outline of the evaluation process is attached above for reference.

You may send your completed submission packets to usarmy.pentagon.hqda-dcs-g-4.mesg.lig@army.mil. There is no rank floor or ceiling; rather, nomination is encouraged for those who meet the high standards set forth in the selection criteria.

Award recipients will be announced via email to ACOM, ASCC, and DRU senior leaders and recognized at a to be determined event based on senior leader and awardee availability.

Selection Criteria

The nominees must be influential logistics leaders who have made unparalleled contributions to enhance operating efficiencies and improve resource management in support of Army sustainment and readiness. The following factors will be considered:

·      Leadership: Creates a vision for the future force while motivating and inspiring people to engage in that vision. Exhibits the ability to effectively communicate.

·      Influence: Possesses the ability to change or affect an organization.

·      Operational Impact: Achievements have a measurable impact and make the connection between the implementation of military strategy to the tactical assignment of resources.

·      Resource Management: Effectively anticipates requirements and efficiently allocates organizational materiel.

Nominee Submission Packet Documents

The following documents must be included in the nomination packet submitted to HQDA, DCS, G-4; no additional documents should be included:

1.    Nomination memorandum with enclosures: A memorandum not to exceed two pages nominating the office with an endorsement from a GO or SES. The memorandum is intended to offer the board a comprehensive overview of the nominee, describe how they directly improved Army sustainment operations, and why this logistics leader is the best in the Army.

2.    For Army service member packets, the endorsement memorandum will also include a statement that the nominated individual meets body composition standard IAW AR 600-9 and passed the APFT/ACFT within the respective calendar year.

3.    Enclosure 1. Personal Data: A single page with the nominee’s full name, rank/grade, branch (if applicable), complete unit/organization of assignment, duty position, unit address, city, state, zip code, unit phone numbers (commercial / DSN), unit email address, home address, city, state, zip code, home phone number, and home email address.

4.    Enclosure 2. A copy of DA Form 4047 – Officer Record Brief, or Enlisted/Civilian Record Briefs as applicable. Pictures will not be considered during the nomination evaluation process and shall not be included in any submission, ensuring only relevant nominee information is presented before the board.

5.    Enclosure 3. Accomplishments: A narrative summary of the nominee’s leadership accomplishments during the calendar year of consideration (01 JAN - 31 DEC of the year prior to the award presentation date - the 2022 award shall be presented to those individuals for their actions during CY2021). Units will not nominate individuals for accomplishments that occurred prior to the calendar year of consideration. Leadership accomplishments will be based on the outlined Selection Criteria, and the narrative will describe how the nominee’s performance met each criterion. The narrative will be double-spaced in Arial 12-pitch font and may not exceed two pages.

Selection Board/Evaluation Details

The annual selection board will consider all complete nomination packets submitted on time. The board will consist of the following members:

1.    DCS, G-4 will provide one (1) each General Officer (GO), one Senior Executive Service (SES) DoD Civilian, and one Sergeant Major (SGM/CSM) to review and rank order each nomination packet from their respective categories.

2.    Army Materiel Command will provide one (1) each General Officer (GO), one Senior Executive Service (SES) DoD Civilian, and one Sergeant Major (SGM/CSM) to review and rank order each nomination packet from their respective categories.

The voting members will electronically review and vote on all nomination packets within the allotted time as directed by the DCS, G-4 leadership.

The voting members will review all nomination packets and determine which nominee’s leadership, regardless of grade, component, or unit, had the greatest impact on their area of influence towards improving Army sustainment operations and enhancing Army readiness.

The voting members will rank order each nomination against all packets. The average rank will then be used to identify the packet with the lowest average. That nominee will then be selected as the winner for the LTG Arthur J. Gregg Sustainment Leadership Award. The process will be the same for all three categories.