Airman brings community idea to McChord Field for Earth Day
Adopt-a-Lot event flyer created by Staff Sgt. Ciara Love, precision measurement equipment laboratory technician with 62nd Maintenance Squadron at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. (Photo Credit: Talysa Lloyd McCall) VIEW ORIGINAL

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. – Litter is a big problem with a simple solution – everyone on Joint Base Lewis-McChord doing their part. At least that’s what Staff Sgt. Ciara Love, precision measurement equipment laboratory technician with 62nd Maintenance Squadron, at JBLM is hoping for April 22, which is Earth Day.

Love is showing her passion for the environment in a unique way. She started a community service project called Adopt-a-Lot.

“When I first got the idea, I was just thinking of my squadron participating,” Love said. “When I took the idea to my commander, he thought it was such a great idea that he wanted to amplify it!”

That’s just what Maj. Kipp Williams, 62nd MXS commander, did. The flyer that Love made for the event was sent to squadrons all over McChord Field. So far more than 150 volunteers have signed up.

The thought behind the project is for different squadrons to choose a location on McChord Field to claim as their own and keep it clean.

According to research done by the Washington State Department of Ecology, 75% of Washingtonians don't litter, but the actions of those who do result in expensive cleanups, dangerous road conditions, loss of community pride and tourism and big environmental impacts.

The Washington State Department of Ecology offers these tips to help stop littering:

· Keep a litter bag in your vehicle.

· Cover and secure items you’re hauling in a pickup or trailer.

· If you smoke, keep a portable ashtray in your vehicle.

· When you're driving, throw away trash at your destination or at a gas station or rest area.

· Encourage your friends and family to live litter free, too.

“I don’t want this to be an isolated event,” Love said. “I would love to see the squadrons continue to keep their area clean year-round.”

Love said she has plans to grow the project even bigger next year, in hopes it spreads over JBLM, with fun activities for kids, food for volunteers and music.

“This is our home,” Love said. “We have to take care of it as much as it takes care of us.”

The event will take place April 22 from 12 to 1 p.m. on McChord Field. To register, use the QR code on the flyer or email Love at

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