U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command leadership launches monthly podcast
Maj. Gen. Todd Royar, Command Sgt. Maj. Bradford Smith and Kevin Fleagle discuss the important work performed by logistics assistance representatives around the world in the first episode of a new monthly podcast titled What AMCOM Can Do for You. (Photo Credit: Jeremy Coburn) VIEW ORIGINAL

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command has released the inaugural episode of its podcast, What AMCOM Can Do for You, with Kevin Fleagle as the featured guest. This episode is a conversation between Fleagle, AMCOM Commander Maj. Gen. Todd Royar and Command Sgt. Maj. Bradford Smith about the important work performed by Logistics Assistance Representatives around the world.

AMCOM’s senior leaders will host a new podcast each month and use the platform to share information with the force about the resources and capabilities of AMCOM. The idea for the podcast came to Smith during a recent trip to Germany with Royar.

“We were in the car and I was thinking about different ways that we communicate and how we could reach a different population – a younger population or a population we’re not currently reaching,” said Smith. “We use lots of different communication tools, such as newsletters, online articles, social media and town hall meetings, but there’s so much information in AMCOM, and we need to find other ways to get it to the units.”

Given the inspiration for the podcast, Smith said having discussion about LARs was the ideal first topic because he and Royar had been discussing their role in AMCOM prior to the trip overseas. He wondered if Army units with LARs really know and understand the resources and capabilities they provide.

“I said [to Royar] ‘Why don’t we do a podcast and talk about the different resources AMCOM offers’ and the dialog started from that,” said Smith.

Smith said it was Royar’s idea to invite a variety of subject matter experts to converse about their various areas of expertise and answer questions on a predetermined topic.

There are about 15 topics the senior leaders plan to cover during future podcasts, including: advanced and additive manufacturing, AMCOM’s corrosion control program, heavy metal reduction, quality deficiency reports and upcoming changes in Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-A) and Aircraft Notebook (ACN).

The goal of the podcast is to provide valuable information to commanders and leaders in the field who are working in either the aviation or missile community.

“It’s important to get out this information so they know they have a resource in AMCOM – a touch point where they can reach back and say, ‘Hey, I need help with this’ – or recommend a part in advanced manufacturing, clarify a maintenance concern or raise a safety issue,” said Smith. “I think it’s vital that we communicate with the force and improve the support and resources that we provide to Soldiers and units in the field. In doing so, we increase awareness and we increase readiness.”

The podcast is available for viewing and listening at the following links: