Marne Justice

By 3rd Infantry Division Public AffairsNovember 21, 2021

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Marne Justice is a reoccurring report of Uniformed Code of Military Justice violations under the jurisdiction of 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. This is to maintain transparency, inform the community of military justice trends and to deter future misconduct by Soldiers. The following are from the period of 1-31 October 2021.

Justice in Action

A 2nd Lt. was intoxicated and physically assaulted a Noncommissioned officer in the enlisted barracks.

The Result: Issued a General Officer Article 15 wherein the 2nd Lt. received a written reprimand and forfeited a half-month’s pay for two months.

A Staff Sgt. digitally penetrated the vagina of a female he invited over to his residence without her consent.

The Result: Convicted at a court martial, reduced to E1, issued a reprimand, and dishonorably discharged.

A Sgt. groped the breast and buttocks of a female, without her consent, while at a bar in Savannah.

The Result: 45 days of restriction, 45 days extra duty, forfeiture of a half-month’s pay for two months, reduced to E1, other than honorable characterization, separated from the Army.

A Spc. physically assaulted his wife, violated a military protective order, and attempted to flee from Military Police until being shot with a taser.

The Result: Spc. pled guilty at a court martial, sentenced to 175 days of confinement, reduced to E1, issued a bad conduct discharge.

Justice Statistics

Non-Judicial Punishments

Field Grade Article 15s Issued………….. 84

Number Issued for DUIs…………..22

Number Issued for AWOLs……..….1

Number Issued for Drugs…….…. 30

Number Issued for Other Offenses……….. 31

The maximum punishments for a Field Grade Article 15 include 45 days of extra duty, 60 days of restriction, the loss of ½ month of pay for up to two months, and a reduction in rank. Soldiers in the rank of E1 to E4 may be reduced multiple ranks. Soldiers in the rank of E5 or E6 may be reduced one grade. Lastly, the Officer issuing the Article 15 may elect to file a reprimand in the performance section of the Soldier’s Army Military Human Resource Record (AMHRR).

General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand or GOMORs:

Total Initiated………..281

Total Filed……..156

Total filed for DUIs……..7


Soldiers Separated Prior to ETS: 33

What is a GOMOR?

A GOMOR, or General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand, is an administrative reprimand issued in the form of a memorandum. A GOMOR may be issued for any type of misconduct and may be issued in addition to any other punitive actions taken by the Chain of Command without creating any Double Jeopardy concerns. GOMORs may be filed in a Soldier’s local file or in a Soldier’s AMHRR. If placed in the Soldier’s local file, the GOMOR will remain in the Soldiers file at 3ID for 18 months, or until the Soldier changes duty locations, whichever comes first. If placed in the Soldiers AMHRR, the GOMOR will remain in the Soldiers permanent, military record.