Battle Rhythms: Challenges, Considerations, and Recommendations from Warfighter Exercises

By MAJ David SpangenbergNovember 18, 2021


Time is one, if not the most, precious resource a unit can have in conducting operations. The more time a unit has the more it can train, prepare, plan, and posture for an operation. However, it is rare if ever that a unit or staff complains about having too much time. Further, once operations begin, time seemingly becomes more limited with increased requirements stemming from constant changes on the battlefield. As evidenced in Warfighter Exercises (WFXs), staffs and commanders struggle with a lack of time in a 24-hour period because of daily planning and briefing requirements that overwhelm the battle rhythm. This article seeks to address this problem with the goal of helping units to develop, refine, and implement a sustainable battle rhythm during operations. To do this, the article first highlights the observed battle rhythm challenges and consequences with which units struggle during the exercises. Next, it offers some supplementary considerations in support of doctrine to help units screen and refine their battle rhythm events. Lastly, it provides some additional recommendations to help units enforce and maintain a sustainable battle rhythm.

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